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Rune Dall Jensen

MSc, Lektor

Rune Dall Jensen


With a big emphasis on development of expertise, his research area centers on surgical skill acquisition and performing in the operation room. Owe to his educational background in Sport Science, Rune’s research is highly influenced by the comparison of different performance domains. His area of research expands development of technical skills and includes ‘person-environment fit’ and ‘non-technical skills’.

The holistic ecological approach derives from a personal interest in philosophical perspectives and psychological influences on performance. These thoughts have Rune actively adapted to the elite sport sphere where he worked devotedly with since 2008.

Rune’s research on expertise and talent development in surgery includes the selection of medical students, trainees in difficulty, and development of professional identity. Collectively, these elements are aimed at the transition from undergraduate to postgraduate, hence investigating the best possible transition and performance of the trainees. 

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