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Robert Ormrod

Ph.D, Ekstern lektor

Robert P. Ormrod


Associate Professor, PhD

Education: PhD in Marketing, 2009, MSc in Business Economics, 2003
Position: Associate Professor, 2011, Assistant Professor (ASB) 2009-2011
Administrative assistant: Annette Mortensen

Robert's main research focus is on Strategic Political Management, that is, how political market orientation can be integrated with party organisational structure, party ideology, and tools and concepts from political marketing. He publishes regularly in peer-reviewed Journals such as Marketing Theory, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Political Marketing and Party Politics. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Political Marketing and a reviewer for numerous academic Journals in marketing (e.g., Marketing Theory, European Journal of Marketing and International Studies Quarterly). Robert won the Best Paper Award at the Chester Symposium on Political Marketing (with Heather Savigny).

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Teaching Interests

  • Political Marketing
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Issues and Crisis Management

Research Interests

  • Strategic Political Management
  • Political Market Orientation
  • Political Marketing
  • Stakeholder Management

Selected Publications

  • R.P. Ormrod and Stephan Henneberg, "A Triadic Interaction model of Political Marketing Exchange", Marketing Theory
  • R.P. Ormrod, Stephan C. Henneberg and Nicholas J. O'Shaughnessy, Political Marketing: Theory and Concepts (Sage 2013).
  • R.P. Ormrod and H. Savigny (2012), Political Market Orientation: A Framework for Understanding Relationship Structures in Political Parties, Party Politics, Vol. 18 (4).
  • R.P. Ormrod, "Limitations and Implications of Product-Oriented, Sales-Oriented and Market-oriented Political Parties: Evidence for Public Affairs", Journal of Public Affairs,Vol. 11 pp. tbc. (2011).
  • R.P. Ormrod and S.C. Henneberg (2011), Political market Orientation and Strategic Party Postures in Danish Political Parties, European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 45.
  • R.P. Ormrod and S.C. Henneberg (2010), Strategic Political Postures and Political Market Orientation: Towards An Integrated Construct of Political Marketing Strategy, Journal of Political Marketing, Vol. 9 (4) pp. 294-313.
  • R.P. Ormrod, "Political Market Orientation and its Commercial Cousin: Close Family or Distant Relatives?", Journal of Political Marketing Special Edition on Theory Building in Political Marketing, Vol. 6 (2/3), pp. 69-90 (2007).
  • R.P. Ormrod (2006), A Critique of the Lees-Marshment Market-Oriented Party Model, Politics, Vol. 26 (2), pp. 110-118.

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