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Ricarda Margarete Engberg

Tilsynsførende dyrlæge, Lektor

Profile photoRicarda Margarete Engberg
Institut for Husdyrvidenskab
Blichers Allé 20
8830 Tjele
E-mail: ricarda.engberg@anis.au.dk
Telefon: +4587157904
Web: https://pure.au.dk/portal/da/persons/ricarda-margarete-engberg(a50303d7-b723-4f86-8f6a-6bf787cdaa3b)/cv.html?id=34827055


Arbejdsområdet omfatter forskning indenfor den mikrobielle omsætning i foder og fordøjelseskanal hos enmavede husdyr (svin og fjerkræ) med speciel fokus på slagtekyllinger. Forskningen indebærer studier vedrørende sammensætning af den naturlige mikroflora i mave/tarmkanalen og de ernæringsrelaterede faktorer, som påvirker den mikrobielle udvikling og fermentering i fordøjelseskanalen. Målet med forskningsarbejdet er at finde egnede fodringskoncepter til slagtekyllinger for at styrke dyrenes mave/tarmsundhed uden brug af antibiotiske vækstfremmere. Alternative foderadditiva som gær og bakteriekulturer eller andre stoffer, som f.eks. enzymer, organiske syrer og specifikke kulhydrater, er af speciel interesse.

De anvendte analysemetoder omfatter anaerob dyrkning af bakterier, måling af den mikrobielle aktivitet i mave/tarmkanalen og kvantitativ analyse af de mikrobielle fermentationsprodukter i fordøjelseskanalen (kortkædede fedtsyrer (SCFA)og gas).

1986Cand. med. vet. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich, Germany
1988Dr. med. vet. (LMU) Munich. Germany
01/09 1988-31/10 1988Meat Control at the municipal slaughterhouse of Aarhus, Denmark.
01/11 1988-31/12 1996Scientific assistent at the Department of Animal Physiology and Bio¬chemistry, National Institute of Animal Science, Research Centre Foulum, Denmark.
01/01 1997-31/12 2010Senior Research Scientist, Dept. of Animal Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, AU.
01/01 2011-Associate Professor, Dept. of Animal Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, AU.

Research profile
Composition and activity of the natural intestinal microbiota in relation to dietary factors. Feeding and management strategies strengthening the natural microbiota and the gut associated immune function (fermented feed, probiotics, feeding enzymes, organic acids, specific carbohydrates and plant extracts). Focus on dietary factors that support gastro-intestinal health and suppress the abundance of zoonotic bacteria as well as bird pathogenic bacteria and parasites.
•Author/co-author of peer review articles in international journals: 76
•Number of contributions to international conferences, proceedings and abstracts: 73
•H-index (11/2 2019):, Web of Science: 23, Google Scholar: 26, No. of citations: 2241
•Responsible supervisor and of master and PhD.-students 
Current research collaborations
•Collaboration with the University of Poznan (Poland) on the use of insects in feed for poultry
•Collaboration with France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Finland, Germany and Romania. in an EU project (Horizont 2020) Poultry and Pig Low-input and Organic production systems’ Welfare (PPILOW)
•Colaboraion with the Technical Institute (Denmark) on the use of insects in monogastric nutrition
•Collaboration with SEGES (Knowledge Transfer, Denmark) and DLG (feed industry) on projects in relation to poultry gut health
•External examiner of master and PhD-students

Research based consulting of authorities

•Use of insects in organic production of pigs and poultry
•Risk assessment of Salmonella presence in stored ground cereals and oil seeds
•Knowledge synthesis on the humane killing of new born piglets with a birth weight below 5 kg
•Knowledge synthesis on the stunning of broilers and ducks with carbondioxide
Leadership and administration
•Head of the Master`s program in Agrobiology, AU
•Member of the Teaching Board at the Dept.of Animal Science, AU
•Inspecting veterinarian in the stable facilities at the Dept. of Animal Science, AU
•Member of the Animal Welfare Body at the Dept.of Animal Science, AU
•Chair and member of scientific evaluation commitees for positions as associate professor, assistant professor, post doc and PhD.
•Member of the Editorial board Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section A – Animal Science.
•Ad hoc referee for the following journals: Animal Feed Science and Technology, Poultry Science, British Poultry Science, The Journal of Nutrition, Journal of Animal and Feed Sciences, Animal, Avian pathology, Avian Diseases, Applied and Environmental Microbiology
•Member of the World´s Poultry Science Association

•Responsible for a 10 ECTS course in Livestock Diseases and Disease Prevention (MSc)
•Responsible for a 5 ECTS course in Animal Hygiene and Diseases (BSc)
•Responsible for a Ph.D.-course in Poultry Production and Health
•Responsible for a Ph.D.-course in Animal Experimentation (Category B)
•Contribution with lectures and practicals to the courses Comparative Anatomy and Physiology (BSc), Animal nutrition (BSc), Quantitative Nutrion and Physiology (MSc), Animal Production Practices (MSc)

Innovation, Industry collaboration and Technology Transfer
•Collaboration with Malcisbo (Swizerland) on the development of a carbohydrate based vaccine against Campylobacter jejuni for broilers.
•Collaboration with Force Technology (Denmark) on the evaluation of Aerocollect, a device measuring the presence of Salmonella in stable air samples.
•Collaboration with Adisseo (France) evaluating the effect of a probiotic against necrotic enteritis in broilers.


Publikationer fra de sidste fem år (peer reviewed)

Performance, nutrient digestibility and selected gut health parameters of broilers fed with black soldier fly, lesser mealworm and yellow mealworm

van der Heide, M. E., Nørgaard, J. V. & Engberg, R. M., 2021, (E-pub ahead of print) I: Journal of Insects as Food and Feed. 12 s.

Effect of serum anti-phage activity on colibacillosis control by repeated phage therapy in broilers

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The influence of selenium and selenoproteins on immune responses of poultry and pigs

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Influence of silver nanoparticles on growth and health of broiler chickens after infection with Campylobacter jejuni

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Influence of feeding crimped kernel maize silage on the course of subclinical necrotic enteritis in a broiler disease model

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Insect proteins as a potential source of antimicrobial peptides in livestock production

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The nisin improves broiler chicken growth performance and interacts with salinomycin in terms of gastrointestinal tract microbiota composition

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Helminth infection is associated with hen mortality in Danish organic egg production

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The influence of feeding crimped kernel maize silage on growth performance and intestinal colonization with Campylobacter jejuni in broilers

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Bacterial successions in the Broiler Gastrointestinal tract

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Insects - a natural nutrient source for poultry - a review

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The influence of Blue mussel (Mytilus edulis) and Starfish (Asterias rubens) meals on production performance, egg quality and apparent total tract digestibility of nutrients of laying hens

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Clostridium perfringens challenge and dietary fat type modifies performance, microbiota composition and histomorphology of the broiler chicken gastrointestinal tract

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Effects of Bos taurus autosome 9-located quantitative trait loci haplotypes on enzymatic mastitis indicators of milk from dairy cows experimentally inoculated with Escherichia coli

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Bioassay-guided chromatographic isolation and identification of antibacterial compounds from Artemisia annua L. That inhibit Clostridium perfringens growth

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Clostridium perfringens challenge and dietary fat type affect broiler chicken performance and fermentation in the gastrointestinal tract

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BIOCONVAL: BIOCONVAL Integreret larve produktion til foder i økologisk ægproduktion

Engberg, R. M. & Jozefiak, D.


MultiChick: Diversity and integrity in organic poultry meat production (MultiChick)

Steenfeldt, S., Horsted, K., Noe, E. & Engberg, R. M.


Dysbakteriose hos slagtekyllinger

Engberg, R. M. & Ranjitkar, S.



Fodringsstrategi til at reducere verotoxin-producerende Escherichia coli hos kalve før slagtning

Engberg, R. M.

<ingen navn>


Identification of potential biomarkers for leaky intestine in broiler chickens

Engberg, R. M., Naghizadeh, M. & Dalgaard, T. S.

24/03/2018 → …

SUMMER: Markedsdrevet, højværdi økologisk kødproduktion med robuste dyr

Hermansen, J. E., Vestergaard, M., Juul-Madsen, H. R., Steenfeldt, S., Therkildsen, M., Jensen, S. K., Kongsted, A. G., Krystallis Krontalis, A., Engberg, R. M., Nørgaard, J. V., Lauridsen, C. & Zollitsch, W.

GUDP - Økologisk Forsknings-, Udviklings- og demonstrationsprogram


MAFFRA: Multicomponent antibaterial feed additive for weaning piglets against intestinal diseases (MAFFRA)

Jensen, M., Canibe, N., Grevsen, K., Engberg, R. M., Hojberg, O., Lauridsen, C., Elgaard, T. & Williams, J.


Salmonelladiagnostik ved hjælp af luftprøver

Engberg, R. M.


Slagtekyllingers tarmsundhed, produktivitet og robusthed

Engberg, R. M.


Slagtekyllingers tarmsundhed, produktivitet og robusthed

Engberg, R. M.


The efficacy of a carbohydrate based campylobacter vaccine against Campylobacter jejuni using a broiler challenge model

Engberg, R. M. & Naghizadeh, M.

13/02/2018 → …

UVIBA: UV kombilys i staldmiljø - virkning og effekt (UVIBA)

Canibe, N., Engberg, R. M., Jensen, S. K., Boes, J., Olesen, T., Svendsen, O. J., Jakobsen, M. L. & Olsen, J. E.