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Qianying Yi

Ph.d.-studerende, Videnskabelig assistent

Qianying Yi
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Project title: Dynamic modelling of ventilation airflow and indoor air quality in naturally ventilated buildings

Project period: Oct 2015 to Sep 2018

Main supervisor: Guoqiang Zhang

Research section: Civil and Architectural Engineering  


Project description
Natural ventilation is extensively used in intensive livestock production systems. Maintaining desired environmental conditions contributes to the productivity and welfare of the animals in the livestock buildings, which is dependent on the design and control of the ventilation system. On-line measurement or estimation of ventilation airflow rate is important for control of indoor thermal condition, air quality and airborne contaminant removal via building ventilation. However, such a measurement or estimation is a challenge for a naturally ventilated system.

Thus, the objectives of the project are to develop, investigate and validate a new modelling concept for describing the airflow characteristics and estimation of ventilation airflow rate in a naturally ventilated building based on building configuration geometry, wind conditions, etc. The hypothesis is that the characteristic link between indoor air and wind for a defined building structure and varied ventilation openings can be found based on spectral analysis of measured flow data.

In order to achieve this goal, the project will use both a numerical modelling method and analysis of the field data collected in field measurements to discover the approaches for a dynamics modelling of indoor airflow and estimation of the total ventilation rate of a naturally ventilated building.

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