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Philip Francis Thomsen


Philip Francis Thomsen


  • Miljø DNA
  • Økologi
  • Evolution
  • Entomologi


My research interests are mainly in molecular ecology with a focus on the applications of DNA from environmental samples (environmental DNA - eDNA) using high-throughput DNA sequencing. I work primarily with freshwater and marine environments for addressing fundamental and applied research questions within ecology and conservation. We are working with both species, community and population level analyses. I have focused mostly on animal eDNA, but am essentially interested in comprehensive eDNA analyses using a tree-of-life approach.

I also work with topics such as insect evolution, ecology and conservation.

Furthermore, I am an active amateur entomologist. My main interest is beetles, especially distribution, ecology and conservation of Danish Coleoptera. I have experience in traditional ecological fieldwork covering national monitoring of endangered insect species on the EU Habitat Directive and has contributed to international and national red-listing of threatened species. 

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ID: 118623154