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Peter Würtz Vinther Tran-Jørgensen


Peter Würtz Vinther Tran-Jørgensen
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I received my PhD degree in software engineering from Aarhus University in 2016. Since then I have been working as a postdoc in the software engineering group at the Department of Engineering of Aarhus University. My research interests include software development, programming languages, program analysis, software architecture and formal methods.

My research involves use of the Overture tool - a formal methods tool for analysing models specified using the Vienna Development Method (VDM). Today, Overture has evolved into a platform that is utilised in both formal methods research and teaching. I'm actively contributing to the development of Overture, and releasing new versions of the tool. In addition, I'm a member of the Overture Language Board (LB), which has a strategic role in the development of the VDM languages. The Overture LB is responsible for coordinating changes to VDM when needs arise as a result of new insights.

Last updated: November, 2016.

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