Peter Samir Heskjær Al Humaidan

Dr. med., Professor

Peter Humaidan


Professor in reproductive endocrinology, Faculty of Health, Aarhus University, Denmark, June 2013 –

Honorary Professor, Faculty of Health Odense University, Denmark May 2014 - 

H-index: 44 (21.11.2018, Google scholar)


Ongoing PhD supervisions (Main supervisor):

MD Louise Svenstrup: Assisted reproduction and the early luteal phase – the impact of ovulation induction on the endocrine profile. University of Southern Denmark. Enrollment 01-09-14.

MD/PhD Student Thor Haahr: The microbiome of infertile couples and its effect on their reproductive outcome. Aarhus University. Enrollment 01-02-2016. 

PhD supervisions completed

MD Lise Thomsen: The role of mid-luteal progesterone and PIF for successful implantation and ongoing pregnancy in assisted reproductive technology. Aarhus University. Enrollment 01-04-14.

Ph.d. co-supervisor:

MD Mia Steengaard Olesen: Therapeutic endometrial trauma for enhancement of embryo implantation. Aarhus University. Enrollment 01-04-14.

Diana Kjær Thing Ricknagel: AMOR - Acoustic Monitorering of Obstetric Risks, Aalborg University. Enrollment 01-01-14.

Louise Bang Grode: Celiac disease and infertility among men and women in Denmark. Aarhus University. Enrollment 01-11-14.

Kamilla Kannegaard: The endometrial impact of my omectomy and embolization of uterine fibroids - a gene expression and secretomics study. University of Southern Denmark and IVI Valencia. Enrollment 01-09-15.

Nadira Salah: Tissue Engineering of Fallopian Tube. University of Glasgow



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