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Peter Hokland

Professor, dr. med., Professor emeritus

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Institut for Klinisk Medicin
Palle Juul-Jensens Boulevard 99
Aarhus N
E-mail: phokland@clin.au.dk
Mobil: +4520225333
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Peter Hokland, Danish MRC professor in Cancer Therapy, Professor in Hematology,

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1951:             Born (26.09.) in Ebeltoft.

1971:              Baccalaureate, Grenå Gymnasium

1978:              MD, Århus University

1989:              Physician-in-Chief Dept. Hematology, Århus Amtssygehus

2001:              Professor in Cancer Therapy, Danish MRC

2003:              Professor in Hematology, University of Aarhus

2014               Knight, Order of Dannebrog

Scientific degrees and evaluations:

1978:              Students dissertation: Gold medal, Århus University, clinical immunology.

1981:              Doctor Sciences, Aarhus University: "Human peripheral blood lymphocytes. Isolation, subset characterization and in vitro properties. A review of the literature of the 1970's". Published as supplement 277 to Acta Path. Microbiol. Scand. Sect. C 1981.

1988:              Deemed qualified professorship in Theoretical Immunology, Århus University

1997:              Deemed qualified professorship in Hematology, University of Copenhagen

2001:              Danish MRC Professor in Cancer Therapy

2003               Professor in Hematology, University of Aarhus

Scientific affiliations:

1975-78         Surnumerary at the Institute for Med. Microbiology, Århus University

1979               Surnumerary at the Basel Institute for Immunology 

1981-82         Research fellow Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Division of Tumor Immunology (Prof. Stuart F. Schlossman), Harvard medical School, Boston

1984               One month visit Harvard Medical School 

1987               One month visits to bone marrow transplantation centers in Los Angeles, Boston and  Seattle.

Scientific supervision:

1985               10 medal/diploma reports, 17 Ph.D. reports (7 biol., 10 med.) and 5 D. Sci. dissertations

                         Ongoing supervision; 2 Ph.D. and 3 D. Med. Sci. projects

Scientific evaluations (selected):

1984 -             Opponent on 4 diploma reports, 20 Ph.D.- and 6 D. Sci dissertations at universities in Århus, Odense, Copenhagen and Stockholm

1986  -            Member of Editorial Board, European journal of Haematology

1982   -           Ad hoc referee for > 30 journals including: Blood, Cytometry, Nature Medicine, British Journal of Haematology & Leukemia

1990-              Expert evaluator, EC Biomedicum 1/2 program (”Cell and Molecular Biology”)

1991 -             Evaluator for positions and promotions at the universities in Århus, Odense, Copenhagen, London, Durham and Philadelphia

1994               Member of the Scientific Committee, Danish Cancer Society

2001               Member, Scientific Advisory Committee Novo-Nordisk A/S

2004               Consultant, Novo-Nordisk A/S

2007               Welcome Trust grant evaluator

2008               Member, Cancer Evaluation Committees in Finland, England, France & Portugal

2010               Member, editorial board, British Journal of Haematology

2011               Associate-editor, British Journal of Haematology

2011               Coordinating Professor, The Cancer & Inflammation Center, Aarhus University Hospital

2014               Visiting professor, Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok (ongoing)

2015               Head, Committee on Duplicate Text Screening, HEALTH, AU

2016               Editorials Editor, British Journal of Haematology

2017               Expert advisor, Portuguese research Council

2019               Member of Awards Committee, American Society for Hematology

2019               Member, International Committee, Independent Research Fund Denmark                           

2019               Senior Editor, British Journal of Haematology




Peter Hokland, recent peer-reviewed publications


1.A, 1stauthor

CA, coauthor

SA, senior author

SSA, Shared Senior author


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