Peter Agger

  1. Can 13C-Magnetic Resonance Hyperpolarization Describe the Development of Right Ventricular Failure?

    Agger, P., Hyldebrandt, J., Stephenson, R. S. & Laustsen, C.


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  2. Myocardial Remodeling due to Right Ventricular Dilatation in Congenital Heart Disease

    Agger, P., Laustsen, C., Pedersen, M., Smerup, M. H., Hjortdal, V. E. & Anderson, R. H.


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  3. Comparison of Different Preservation Methods Prior to Diffusion Tensor Imaging

    Agger, P., Smerup, M. H., Frandsen, J., Klitgaard, T. & Pedersen, M.


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  4. Development of Porcine Model for Right Ventricular Dilatation

    Agger, P. & Smerup, M. H.


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