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Pernille Lystlund Matzen



My Ph.D.-research project "Whose ‘Bildung’? Renegotiating modern art museums through exhibition practices" explores how a number of recent art exhibitions in Scandinavia enter into a critical dialogue with the idealistic promise of the museum as a Bildung-institution of common, public knowledge in light of new critiques, voices and societal concerns.

Some of the main questions I ask in my project are: How is it possible to work within the museum institution – whose institutional structures have often worked in favor of exclusion and social differentiation, and at the same create public exhibitions that actively take part in creating new and more inclusive publics?

Institutional critiques of the art institution is of course nothing new, and artistic practices since the 1960s have already provided – and continue to provide – rich, engaged institutional critiques that give stimuli to develop new forms to the established art institutions. However, it is new that art museums themselves have started to use their cultural authority to challenge and renegotiate some of their own hegemonic structures. This is what my research project explores.   

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