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Per Nørnberg

Lektor emeritus

Curriculum Vitae


Name, date of birth

Per Nørnberg, 24 July   1942

Academic education, year

MSc in geology 1973, PhD in   soil mineralogy 1980

Current affiliation

Department of Geoscience,   Aarhus University, Denmark

Current position, year

Associate professor, 1980

Total number of publications

228 (2000- 146)


Five most important/relevant scientific publications


   Anne-Mette Bruun, Kai Finster,   Haraldur P. Gunnlaugsson, Per Nørnberg, Michael W. Friedrich. 2010:A   Comprehensive Investigation on Iron Cycling in a Freshwater Seep Including   Microscopy, Cultivation and Molecular Community Analysis. Geomicrobiology   Journal, 27, 1, 15-34.

   Nørnberg, P., Vendelboe, A.L.,   Gunnlaugsson, H.P., Merrison, J.P., Finster, K.,Jensen, S.K. 2009. Mineralogy   after an experimental forest fire on Quaternary soil goethite, compared with   a hematite, maghemite, goethite containing topsoil. Clay Minerals,44,   239-247.

   Nørnberg, P., Gunnlaugsson, H.P.,   Merrison, J.P., Vendelboe, A.L. 2009: Salten Skov I: A Martian dust analogue.   Planetary and Space Science, 57, 628-631.

   Merrison, J.P., Gunnlaugsson,   H.P., Jensen, S.K., Nørnberg, P. 2009 Mineral alteration induced by sand transport;   a source for the reddish colour of Mars. Icarus, 205, 716-718.

   Nørnberg, P., Schwertmann, U.,   Stanjek, C.B., An­dersen, T., Gunnlaugsson, H.P. 2004:  Mineralogy of Quaternary  iron oxide rich formations in Denmark.Clay   Minerals, 39, 85-98.




Articles (Peer



Book chapters




69    (44)

3 (2)

11 (3)

81 (68)

66 (31)


(Numbers in brackets are the last 10 years)

Students total: M.Sc.: 38, Ph.D.: 5, Lab. Technicians: 31

Citations: ISI Web of Knowledge, Sum of citations: 599, 62 publ. Average citations: 9.66, h-index: 15.

Selected Distinctions


Censor Univ. of Copenhagen and Univ. of   Roskilde. Evaluated competent for a full professorship in soil science, The   Agricultural University, Aas, Norway. Evaluation committee at Full   professorship, University of California, Davis, U.S.A. and two Associate   professorships, Uppsala University, Sweden. Referee: Can. J. of Soil Science,   Biogeochemistry., Geografisk Tidsskrift, Soil Science Society America   Journal, Geoderma and  Measurement   Science and Technology. Head of Strategic Environmental Programme I (SMPI)   project, Department of Earth Sciences, AU. Participant in SMPII. Member of   Ph.D. board, Dept. of Earth Sciences, AU. Participated in  > 70 congresses or workshops.


Grants awarded


Received  research grants for totally 10.8 MDkr up til   2000. Externally funded projects 2001-: ESA-følgeforskn. (2001-2003), 1.3   MDkr. ESA-følgeforskn. (2002), 658 kDkr. NF, AU (2001-2002) 201 kDkr.   (2003-2008). Project leader for five small environmental projects with   private companies and local counties. Funding total:  1.1 MDkr. Renewal of EDAX-system for TEM   (2003), NF, AU 175 kDkr. Joint acquisition of powder XRD-instrument   Geology/Chemistry (2003) SNF 728 kDkr.. ExoMars (2005-2009), Villum Kann   Rasmussen Foundation 2.6 MDkr. ESA (2005-2006), DDES/MEDUSA wind dust   instrument 10.000 Euro, ESA (2007-2008) LAMDA, Innoware A/S, wind dust   instrument development, (total 500.000 Euro), AU-part: 62.996 Euro. ExoMars   (2007-2009) Villum Kann Rasmussen Foundation 1.7 MDkr. ESA (2007-2009)   AWTSII- Solar cell test facility at AU: 400.000 Euro. Villum Foundation 1.7   MDkr. (2011-2013).



Management skills


Centre leader of the SMP I project “Heath”   1992-96 with participants from Aarhus University, Copenhagen University,   Risø  and National Environmental   Research Institute.

Project leader on the SMP II project   “Soroflux” 1997-2001 with participation from Aarhus University and Risø.

Initiator and leader of the Mars Simulation   Laboartory, Aarhus University 1999- with participation from four institutes   at Aarhus University and the Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen University. The   clear leadership is stated by the International Space Research Peer Review   Panel in 2008.