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Ozgenur Coskun


Ozgenur Coskun


PhD project: FILTRATE – Understanding critical processing parameters to design novel improved functional milk protein concentrates
University: Aarhus University
Department: Departmenf of Food Science
Supervisor: Milena Corredig, Professor

Co-supervisor: Lars Wiking, Professor
Project term: 01.09.2019-31.08.2022
Master’s degree: MSc in Food Engineering, Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University



Milk protein concentrates (MPC) are gaining interest over the past decades as a functional ingredients applied in dairy industry. MPC can be produced by membrane filtration, evaporation or spray drying. In the market place, while in the past most concentrates were classified by protein content (i.e. ratio of protein to solids),  more recently, there has been an increased effort to market these ingredients targeting functional properties, which are the result of careful  modification in composition or processing history.  Many of the molecular changes  occurring during processing are not described , in spite of the fact that such knowledge would really help better controlling quality, achieve cleaner labels during formulation and valorize side streams. 



The aim is to describe the molecular details occurring during the dynamic process of membrane concentration, to understand and predict the structure-function relationship of final protein concentrates.




The concentration of milk by different techniques will be conducted. Effect of heating before and after concentration on functionality and to better understand the structure-function relationship of the casein micelles as a function of concentration, functionalities such as heat stability, acidification behavior or surface reactivity of the micelles to other molecules or enzymes will be studied.



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