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Oliver Tierdad Filsoof


Oliver Tierdad Filsoof
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Project title:
Modal dynamics and design analysis of multi‐rotor wind turbines

Project description:

The dynamics of wind turbines with multiple rotors connected on a single structure is more complex than that of conventional wind turbines with a single-rotor. In the design of multi-rotor turbines, it is therefore important to have appropriate estimates of the system and modal frequencies. Various modal analysis methods are available for single-rotor wind turbines, but there are no report and guidance on the modal property analysis of multi‐rotor wind turbines. This Ph.D will thus be the first state‐of‐the‐art on modal analysis of multi‐rotor wind turbines.

Research Questions
The basic research questions of this Ph.D project are:

  • What are the modal dynamics for multi-rotor wind turbines with different number of rotors?
  • What is the optimal design for multi-rotor wind turbines based on resonance response and stability?

The overall objective of this project is to develop a methodology for modal analysis of multi-rotor wind turbines by leveraging the technologies in multibody dynamics, structural dynamics and aerodynamics of wind turbines.


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