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Ole Hylling

Cand. Scient., Ph.d.-studerende

Ole Hylling


Currently on my last year of PhD study at the Department of Environmental Science, Aarhus University.

Our project core is to combine membrane filtration tehcnology with biological degradation for water purification in drinking water production:

1. http://mem2bio.dk/
2. https://www.silhorko.dk/nyheder/mem2bio.aspx (in danish)

Thus far, several lab experiments have shown promising result and we have now begun field experiments with our mobile pilot-scale waterwork (February 2019).

Project collaborators:

Silhorko-Eurowater A/S
Din Forsyning
Applied Biomimetics
Aalborg University (AAU)
Aarhus University (AU)

Project funding:

The Innovation Fund & AU


About me - background:

I obtained my master’s degree in molecular microbiology at Section of Microbiology – University of Copenhagen, in August 2014. Before employment as a PhD fellow I was a research assistant of evolutionary and environmental microbiology at University of Copenhagen (UCPH) and at AU (this group). The bulk of my work at UCPH, both as a Master student and as research assistant, has focused on elucidating the relationship between HGT and biofilm formation. Here, plasmids play a key role and I have been investigating plasmid borne enzymes that are responsible for turnover of the messenger molecule: c-di-GMP – a messenger firmly associated with biofilm formation, motility and more. My main interests revolve around biofilm formation, horizontal gene transfer and sociomicrobiology.

However, during my work as a PhD student I have gained a particular interest in bioremediation and subsurface (groundwater) ecology, with a special focus on bacteriophages of groundwater.

Supervisor: Anders Johansen

Co-supervisors: Lars Hestbjerg Hansen (UCPH) and Lea Ellegaard-Jensen

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