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Ningning Zhang


Ningning Zhang


I completed B.Sc Pharmacy (2009 – 2013) studies at Shandong University (SDU), School of Pharmacy, Jinan, China. During 2013 – 2016, I completed my Master of Engineering study in the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Peking Union Medical College (PUMC), majoring in Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy. The master dissertation was about the precursor-directed biosynthesis of novel sansanmycin analogues and the exploration of natural products based on the bioinformatic analysis of Streptomyces sp. SS genome. In 2016, I moved to Germany for Ph.D. study in Biology at Technische Universität Dresden (TUD), financially supported by the Chinese scholarship council. The focus of my Dissertation was the artificial nanometalloenzymes and polyenzymes for challenging synthesis. Since 10.2020, I have started to work as a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Engineering, Aarhus University.

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