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Nils Risgaard-Petersen

Ph.D, Lektor

Nils Risgaard-Petersen
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My research covers broad aspects of the interplay with biology (microbes, plants), chemistry (Nitrogen, Sulfur and Carbon)  and physics in aquatic environments (water logged soils, deep sea and shallow water sediments)

My greatest achievements include

  • The elucidation of spurious pathways and players in the Nitrogen cycle (Anammox, Nitrate respiring eukaryotes, the interplay with  primary producers and nitrogen transforming procaryotes)
  •  The discovery of long distance electron transport and the associated  cable bacteria in marine and freshwater sediments, including the impact of these on the transformation and transport of sulfur, nitrogen and carbon (e.g. methane)


  • Grundstoffers kredsløb: Svovl, kvælstof, kulstof
  • Akvatisk mikrobiel økologi
  • Modellering

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