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Niels Kanstrup


Niels Kanstrup


  • Wildlife biology: Original expertise in migratory waterbirds, supplemented with broader range of species and ecosystems.
  • Wildlife management: Sustainability of hunting with focus on harvest, wounding and disturbance. Co-management development in Danish projects (network of sanctuaries), prevention of wounding of wildlife, and in community based nature and wildlife management in Africa (Tanzania, Malawi). Legal framework in Denmark and international treaties.
  • Nature conservation planning: Advisor for the Ministry of Defense, Natura 2000-planning in Danish military grounds. Advisor national parks and private estates. Executive advisor in technical issues of lead shot management.      
  • Hunting experience from Denmark, Scandinavia, Europe, Africa, North and South America.
  • Scientific and practical experience in hunting ammunition performance and efficacy.
  • Lecturer/instructor in wildlife management, inter alia University of Copenhagen.
  • Speaker/instructor at 30-40 national and international events concerning non-lead ammunition.
  • HR: 1999-2007: Director of dep. of wildlife management, Danish Hunters’ Association.
  • Practical: Standard IT (Microsoft) and GIS. Languages: Danish (mother tongue), English (written and spoken, high level). German (written and spoken, low level).

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