Niels Christian M Nickelsen


Niels Christian M Nickelsen
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Niels Christian Mossfeldt Nickelsen is a trained clinical psychologist. He holds an associate professorship at Aarhus University, School of Education. He has published in journals like Sociology of Health and Illness, Journal of Workplace Learning, Nordic Journal for Working Life Studies, Journal of Research Practice, Journal of Comparative Social Work, and Artifact. Lately he has edited or co-edited three books ”Innovation psychology” (2012),  ”The dark sides of working life” (2013) and “Learning experiments and laboratories” (2014) (all books are written in Danish).  He received research funding from The Danish Industrial Education Fund, The Danish Strategic Research Fund, Aarhus University Research Fund (AUFF) and from EU.

He seeks firmer understanding of organizational implications of technological arrangements that intend to streamline, qualify and develop clinical work and patient /citizen care through involvement and standardization. He is interested in how citizens and professionals innovate alongside care innovation that de-center health practices and aim to increase patients'/citizens’ active involvement and responsibility in relation to their own treatment and care, for example, tele-rehabilitation, medication and feeding, various forms of self-monitoring, home care and patient education. He seeks to understand technological devices as shaped by broader trends, policy and care ecology, rather than as singular, local and limited efforts. Theoretically and analytically, he finds inspiration in various forms of practice theory and science and technology studies. Methodically, he works with ethnographic methods.


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