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Niels Christian M Nickelsen


Niels Christian M Nickelsen
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Niels Christian Mossfeldt Nickelsen is a certified psychologist, specialist and supervisor in work- and organizational psychology. He holds an associate professorship in leadership and learning at Aarhus University, School of Education. He was a visiting fellow at Lancaster University, Sociology (2002); a visiting professor at Amsterdam University (UvA), Anthropology (2015), a visiting professor at UC Berkeley School of Information (2021) and a visiting professor at Chiba University (Tokyo), Center for Frontier Medical Engineering and Department for Nursing (2022). He has taught at international universities such as Erasmus University, Care Governance Group (2017), at Hebrew University, Public Health (2018) and at Fudan University, Anthropology, Shanghai (2018). He has published in international journals like Sociology of Health and Illness and Journal of Workplace Learning. He has edited and co-edited several books and he has received research funding from The Free Research Fund (FKK); The Danish Strategic Research Fund; Inge Lehmanns Foundation; Aarhus University Research Fund (AUFF), EU; The Danish Industrial Education Fund and several more.

Niels Christian's research centers on implications in healtcare of technological arrangements aiming to streamline and qualify professional work and patient care through involvement and standardization. He is particularly interested in learning in relation to initiatives aiming to intensify patients' involvement and responsibility, for example, care robots, telecare, various forms of self-monitoring, patient education, and feeding. He finds inspiration in symbolic interactionism, ethnomethodology and science and technology studies (STS). He uses particularly ethnographic methods.

He teaches the MA elective course 'Organizational Psychology' and the PhD course 'Organization of Learning and Knowledge - from the classics to current issues'. He supervises thesis students and PhD students interested in organization and technology in healthcare. 


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