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Niels Balling

Adjungeret professor

Niels Balling
Full name: Niels Peder Rasmussen Balling.
Nationality: Danish.
Scientific degrees
MSc, geophysics and geology, University of Aarhus (AU), 1973; PhD, geophysics, AU, 1982;
dr.scient., AU 2013.

Employment history
1973-1979 Research fellow, Department of Geoscience (DG), AU.
1979-1980 Acting professor, geophysics, Geophysical Institute, Clausthal Technische Universität, Germany.
1980-1982 Senior research fellow, DG AU.
1982-1983 Visiting research fellow, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge, UK.
1983- Associate professor, geophysics, DG AU.

Administration and committees
1983-1993 Member, International Heat Flow Commission.
1987- Member, the Danish National Committee on Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG).
1990-94 Chairman, Geophysical Laboratory, DG, AU.
1990-94 Board member, DG, AU.
1991- Member, the Danish National Committee on Lithosphere Research (ILP); chairman 1991-1998.
1994-2008 Editorial board member, Bulletin of the Geological Society of Denmark.
1995-2001 Council member, European Union of Geosciences.
1996-2008 Solid Earth editor, journal, Physics and Chemistry of the Earth.
1996-2016 Board member, Inge Lehmann foundation.
2001- Member, the Danish National Committee on Geology (IUGS).
2003-2004 Member, Swedish ministry committee, evaluation of geoscience educations at Swedish universities.
2005-2006 Chairman, Geophysical Laboratory, DG, AU.
2011- Member, steering committee for the national seismological DanSeis infrastructure.
2011- Member, Danish steering committee for the European EPOS infrastructure.
2014- Sector leader, Deep Earth Systems, DG, AU.

Scientific focus areas
Controlled and natural source seismology, heat-flow studies, subsurface thermal modelling, geothermal energy, gravity and isostatic modelling. Interpretation of integrated geophysics in terms of deep structure and tectonic evolution of continental lithosphere. Research projects mainly in Scandinavia, the Danish and adjacent North Sea areas, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Grants as PI/co-PI with project leadership
Total external funding: More than kDKK 30.000.

MSc: 31; BSc: 10; PhD: 11.

Scientific production
More than 100 scientific publications and reports, including 78 articles and book chapters
with international peer review. More than 190 published abstracts.
Google Scholar: h-index: 31; i10-index: 66; more than 4500 citations.