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Nicolas Volet


Nicolas Volet

PhD in Physics (2014): École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

M.Sc. in Physics (2009): EPFL and University of Houston

B.Sc. in Physics (2007): EPFL and Carnegie Mellon University


Nicolas Volet holds a PhD in Physics from EPFL (Switzerland), after which he worked in Santa Barbara (USA), first as a postdoc at UCSB and later setting up an R&D center for a high-tech company. He has contributed to the development of chip-level photonic technologies in the visible, the near- and mid-infrared spectral ranges, for industrial applications with improved precision, cost and power efficiency. Back in academia, he now heads the Group of Integrated Photonics and Nonlinearities in the Department of Engineering of Aarhus University with the mission of demonstrating lasers with higher spectral purity and wider tunability using nonlinear optical effects and mature technological platforms.



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