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Nhan Duc Thanh Nguyen



Sep 2010 ~ Aug 2012: M.E. in Electrical & Information Engineering at Kyung Hee University, Global campus, South Korea.Major in RoboticsThesis: Posture-Gesture Combined Recognition for Human Robot Interaction
Sep 2005 – Jul 2010: B.E. in Electrical & Electronics at Ho Chi Minh University of Technology, Vietnam.Major in TelecommunicationThesis: Design and implement water pressure alarm system using GPRS Modem via microcontroller ARM LM3S2965


Jan 2017 – Oct 2020: Staff DSP Engineer at ForteMedia, Inc. Seongnam, South Korea.
- Develop and maintain audio processing algorithms: noise suppression, voice activity recognition, spatial filter, beamforming, acoustic echo cancellation, noise detection.
- Apply Neural Network to classify noisy signals and voice signals.
- Implement and optimize algorithms into different wide-range platforms: intel processor, ARM, Qualcomm QDSP in Samsung smart phone using Assembly and C language.

Oct 2015 – Dec 2016: Senior RnD Engineer at Korea Institute of Building Energy Technology Seoul, Korea.
- Develop secure camera driver module in Linux system that used for Soldier side meeting to secure protected information (image, text, map) in military.
- iOS, android client application developer.

Sep 2012 – Sep 2015: RnD Engineer at Areschan Inc. Seoul, Korea.
- Develop Audio, Video, Image, E-book Search Engine in Linux server: Extract fingerprinting (frequency and energy for audio, histogram for image and e-book) and make signature.
- Work on Audio, video, Image detection and classification.
- Make Audio, Video raw database by making Audio, Video Decoder using FFMPEG library.


Research background
.- Good background on mathematics for recognition and machine learning: HMM, neutron network, CRF.
- Algorithms for Image classification, stitching and segmentation.
.- Good background in Audio processing algorithm: Noise suppression, Echo cancelation, Beamforming.
Technical skills
.- Proficient in Matlab, Python programming and implementation Machine Learning model using Tensorflow framework.
.- Proficient in C/C++ Programming (more than 6 years) in different platforms such as Linux, MS-Windows, Android NDK.
.- Experience in implement algorithms in DSP such as ARM and Qualcomm-DSP processor.
.- Working experience in OpenNI, OpenCV libraries, FFMPEG, linux, Git, github tools.