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Natália Hachow Motta dos Passos


Natália Hachow Motta dos Passos


Project title: Processing of brown juice from leaf protein concentrate production for high value-end applications

Project description:
Green biorefineries are integrated multi-product systems for efficient and sustainable production of food, feed, bio-based chemicals and materials from green biomasses. This multiple product approach requires the valorization of any side streams in order to ensure the economic sustainability and success of the overall process.

Brown juice is a nutrient-rich liquid side stream generated in large volumes during leaf protein concentrate production from grasses, lucerne and clover within a green biorefinery. Brown juice contains sugars, peptides and amino acids, organic acids and minerals. 

This project aims to investigate the possibilities of processing brown juice into high-added value products. Technologies such as membrane filtration and fermentation will be evaluated and compared using a techno-economic approach. As brown juice is a complex and varying mixture, further research is necessary on mapping its composition and characteristics over time, and on the viability of its processing into valuable products such as chemicals and materials.

Supervisor: Prof. Lars Ottosen

ID: 143355282