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Vestindien Revisited: I kølvandet på kuldampere og cruiseturister: U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS REVISITED – in the wake of steamers and cruise tourists

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  • Nathalia Sofie Brichet
  • ,
  • Frida Hastrup, Etnologi, SAXO, KU
  • ,
  • Maroe Ørstedholm, Museet for søfart, Danmark
  • Camilla Nørgård, Danmark
What traces did Denmark officially leave behind when the West Indies were sold to the United States in 1917? And how are the islands still affected today by Denmark’s presence on the islands? The M/S Maritime Museum tries to answer these questions in its special new exhibition, ‘U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS REVISITED – in the wake of colliers and cruise tourists,’ which opens April 7th.
What followed in the wake of Denmark’s former ownership of the West Indies? And how have the interests of strangers shaped the islands from 1917 to today? This is one of many aspects the M/S Maritime Museum focuses on in its special exhibition “U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS REVISITED – in the wake of colliers and cruise tourists,” to commemorate the centennial anniversary of selling the West Indies to the United States of America.
UdgiverMuseet for Søfart
StatusUdgivet - 2017

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