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Natalja Nørskov


Profile photoNatalja P. Nørskov
Institut for Husdyr- og Veterinærvidenskab
Blichers Allé 20, byg. C20
8830 Tjele
E-mail: natalja.norskov@anivet.au.dk
Telefon: +4530563085
Web: https://pure.au.dk/portal/da/natalja.norskov@anivet.au.dk


2009-2013: PhD in LC-MS metabolomics, Aarhus University, Dept. of Animal Science, Denmark
2008: MSc in Engineering, Medical Biotechnology, Aalborg University, Denmark

Additional education

2021: University Pedagogical Program
2019: Course in PhD supervision
2019: Course in Research-based public sector consultancy

Employment record

2023- Associate professor  in Applied Biotechnology and Metabolomics, Aarhus University, Dep. of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Denmark.
2018- 2023:
Researcher and Lab. manager at Aarhus University, Dep. of Animal Science, Denmark
2013-2018:Postdoc at Aarhus University, Dep. of Animal Science, Denmark

2008-2009: Research assistant at Institute of Pathology, Aalborg Hospital, Denmark

Management and committees

2020-Member of the Laboratory Committee at Dep. of Animal and Veterinary Sciences
2020-2022 Lab manager at Research Unit of Nutrition (strong laboratory competences)
2021:Member of the purchasing committee in purchase of advanced instruments

2021- Leader and organizer of PhD course: “Hands-on mass spectrometry for the analyses of minerals, amino acids, short chain fatty acids (SCFA) and other biomarkers/metabolites using quantitative and explorative techniques

2017: Leader and organizer of PhD course: “Hands-on targeted and untargeted LC-MS metabolomics with emphasis on measuring phytochemicals in plasma and urine”



- Product development/methane mitigation strategies
- Biorefining/extraction
- Method development for LC-MS, GC-MS, ICP-MS
- Systems biology (untargeted metabolomics)
- Multivariate Data Analyses
- Analytical chemistry
- Plants Secondary Metabolites/bioactive compounds
- Animal models (pig, rat) to study the effect of bioactive/dietary components on metabolic
- Impact of bioactive/dietary components such as phytochemicals, lipids and proteins on
metabolic health in both animals and humans
- Epidemiological studies, breast, prostate, coloectal cancer and type 2 diabetes prognosis

Reviewer: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Journal of Frontiers in Nutrition, Journal of Metabolomics, Journal of Proteome Research, Journal of Separation Science, Journal of Foods


- Invited speaker at “The Power of Rye 2017”, International Congress
- Invited speaker at International Congress, ESAC (Executive Seminars in Analytical Chemistry 2019, Copenhagen)
- Awarded Young Investigator Travel Grant at "Mass Spectrometry: Application to the Clinical Lab", 2017
- Oral presentations: 11
- Poster presentations: 9