Natacha Roed Roin


Natacha Roed Roin



PhD project: Natural variations in Danish dairy milk - Technological and health related aspects

University: Aarhus University

Department: Department of Food Science

Main supervisor: Associate professor, Nina Aagaard Poulsen

Co-supervisor: Professor Lotte Bach Larsen

Project term: 010419-310322

Master’s degree: MSc in Biology, Aarhus University




The PhD project is a part of a bigger profiling and mapping project (DanMilk) of silo milk from a large range of Danish dairies, covering all variations in milk lines from organic to conventional, specific farms and managements, geography and seasonal variations. The background for the project is the inherent variation of milk, since it represents both opportunities and challenges. Opportunities for differentiation, but also challenges in relation to processing. An increasing part of milk is used in processes involving up-concentration by filtration, with subsequent increase of the variation experienced. The PhD project is focusing specifically on implementing and using analytical techniques for the profiling and quantification of specific components, involving detailed milk protein composition and their modifications, as well as specific hormones, enzymes or other biomolecule components of specific interest from processing or health/nutritional point of view, where limited knowledge is available. The PhD project is also managing the planning and coordination work related to the collection of milk samples from the Danish dairies.



The overall aim of the DanMilk project is to analyze the different milk components to provide a solid composition profile of the Danish dairy milk. The project aims to provide a background material to understand the level of natural variances in specific milk components and their potential implications for upstream dairy processes and related health and nutritional aspects. The project will analyze the significance of season, geography, feed, breed and production system, as they are all potentially causing natural variances in the milk production.



The project will analyze the significance of season, geography, feed, breed and production system on the composition of milk components in Danish dairy milk. As a part of the DanMilk project, this PhD project will investigate the variation of the milk protein composition and their modifications, specific hormones, enzymes and other biomolecule components.




Arla Foods Ingredients (AFI)

The Danish Levy Fond (MAF)

Fund of Organic Agriculture (FØL)

Aarhus University



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