Billede af Mads Krogh

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Personlig profil


My research centers on popular music culture and, particularly, issues of genre, mediation and practice. I have pursued these interests in publications on Danish and Scandinavian hip-hop culture, issues of globalization and localization, musical censorship, format radio, artistic agency and music as a material practice combining inspirations from cultural sociology, assemblage, affect, and actor-network theory.

In later years, I have been particularly concerned with genre formations and other types of categorization in the context of digitized music distribution, specifically Spotify, and how this involves processes of abstraction – in the algorithmic mediation of everyday listening. Besides interrogating a non-reductive, new materialist understanding of musical genre, this has raised questions about methodology or how to research the musico-generic in-between of affect and algorithms. Also, I have grown increasingly concerned with the impact of online classification and distributional logics on everyday musical engagement, especially in the context of affective scenes.

Uddannelse (Akademiske kvalifikationer)

Musikvidenskab, filosofi, cand.mag, PhD


  • Musikkultur
  • Musiksociologi
  • Genreteori
  • Musikalsk praksis/musik-som-praksis
  • Mediering, materialitet
  • Lokalitet, globalisering- og lokaliseringprocesser (særligt hiphop)
  • Populærmusik
  • Musikindustri
  • Streaming
  • Radio
  • Kulturteori
  • Assemblage
  • ANT
  • Affekt
  • Praksisteori