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Morten Elmeros

Baseline investigations of bats and birds at Wind Turbine Test Centre Østerild

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The Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University was commissioned by the Danish Nature Agency to undertake a bat and bird monitoring programme prior to the construction of a national test centre for wind turbines near Østerild in Thy, Denmark. The occurrence and activity level of bats in Østerild Plantation and the vicinity were monitored in summer and autumn 2011. Bats were recorded on 57-100% of surveyed nights at individual wind turbine sites, ponds and lakes. A total of seven species were recorded. Pond bats were recorded at all sites and throughout the survey period in the plantation. Whooper swan, taiga bean goose, pink-footed goose and common crane were included as focal species in the ornithological investigations. In addition, species specific data on all bird species occurring regularly in the study area were collected. On the basis of a preliminary assessment of collision risk, the potential impacts of the combined structures on the bird species occurring in the study area were considered unlikely to be significant. However, given the uncertainties in the
preliminary assessment, the post-construction programme will further investigate
potential impacts on bats and birds.
ForlagAarhus University, DCE – Danish Centre for Environment and Energy
Antal sider128
Rekvirerende organNaturstyrelsen
StatusUdgivet - 2012
SerietitelScientific Report from DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy

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