Aarhus Universitets segl

Morten Dam Rasmussen


1991-11 Participated in several courses on: project management, organization, performance and coaching.

1997-98 Sabbatical at University of Wisconsin, USA (9 mo.)

1991 Ph.D. from RVAU.

1988-89 Study at Cornell University, NY, USA (9 mo.)

1981 Cand. agro. from the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen (RVAU).

Work experience

2011- Deputy chair, Dept. of Engineering, Aarhus University

2011- Head of Working Environment Committee of the department, member of the faculty committee

2011 - Substitute for quality manager at Engineering Centre Bygholm

2008-11 Head of department, Dept. of Biosystems Engineering, Aarhus University

2008- Head of department, Dept.of Agricultural Engineering (January 2010: Dept. of Biosystem Engineering), University of Aarhus

2007-07 Head of research group, Inst. Animal Health, Welfare and Nutrition, University of Aarhus

2007- Coordinator of the education Biosystems Engineering

1995-07 Senior Research Scientist, Dept. Animal Health and Welfare, DIAS.

1993-95 Senior Research Scientist, Dept. cattle and sheep, DIAS.

1990-92 Research Scientist, Dept. cattle and sheep, DIAS.

1987-90 Graduate student, Animal Science, RVAU.

1982-87 Research Scientist, Dept. cattle and sheep, Danish Institute of Animal Science (DIAS)

Boards and international commitments

Advisor for the Veterinary and Food Administration and Danish Parliament of questions concerning automatic milking systems.

Member of the National Mastitis Council subgroup: Evaluation of the milking process and of the International Advisory group.

Vice chair of the Standing Committee of Farm Management of the International Dairy Federation (chair 1996-2004).

Board member of the Danish Society for Mastitis Research and control. Member of the International Standard Organizations group for: ISO standards for automatic milking installations (published 2007).

Member of the educational board for Arhus Graduate School of Engineering (2008-)