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Mogens Humlekrog Greve

Mapping surface flow in low gradient areas with thermal remote sensing

Publikation: KonferencebidragKonferenceabstrakt til konferenceForskning

Thermal infrared (TIR) imagery has long been used for mapping groundwater-surface water interactions and mainly for locating areas of groundwater seepage in lakes and shorelines (Rundquist et al. 1985, Banks et al. 1996). In this study, we used the method for locating discharge from tile drains into lowlands and water bodies (lakes, streams, ditches etc.). Tile drains are one of the main end points for nutrients applied to the agricultural fields and a fast conduit. When studying the function of riparian lowlands and wetlands as nutrient buffer zones, it is essential to know 1) the location of drainage input into the buffer system and 2) the flow path of the water. The TIR imagery was collected by a UAV (eBee from SenseFly) with a thermal camera (ThermoMap from SenseFly) at early spring in 2016 and 2017. The surveys are conducted in cold periods where discharging drainage water (and groundwater) are warm anomalies compared to the cold soil. We hereby obtain maps of the area’s thermal signature at the time of flight. The drainage outlets are easily observed as sharp point sources of warm water and surface flows are also remarkably clear making TIR a usable approach for mapping of flow direction in low-gradient areas such as riparian lowlands and wetlands. The flow systems can be compared to topographically modelled surface flow using high-resolution DEMs and flow direction algorithms.
Udgivelsesår10 jan. 2018
StatusUdgivet - 10 jan. 2018
BegivenhedNordic Geological Winter Meeting - Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Kgs. Lyngby, Copenhagen, Denmark, Lyngby, Danmark
Varighed: 10 jan. 201812 jan. 2018
Konferencens nummer: 33


KonferenceNordic Geological Winter Meeting
LokationTechnical University of Denmark (DTU), Kgs. Lyngby, Copenhagen, Denmark

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