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Mikkel Rytter


Profile photoMikkel Rytter
Institut for Antropologi
Moesgaard alle 20
8270 Højbjerg
E-mail: mikkel.rytter@cas.au.dk
Telefon: 87162126
Mobil: 25149892
Professional Qualifications:
2010. PhD from Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen
2003. MA from Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen

Employment Record:
2022- Professor, at Department of Anthropology, Aarhus University.
2019-2022. Professor, MSO, at Department of Anthropology, Aarhus University.
2013-2019. Associate Professor at Department of Anthropology, Aarhus University
2010-2013. Assistant Professor at Department of Culture and Society, Aarhus University.
2010. Post-doc at The Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen.
2006-2010. Ph.d.-fellow at The Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen.
2005-2006. Research assistant at The Academy for Migration Research in Denmark (AMID),
Aalborg University.
2003-2005. Research assistant at The Danish Folklore Archives (DFS).

Academic Positions:
2022-2023. Member of the network, Copenhagen Impact Lab.
2019- Co-director of the interdisciplinary MIAU – Centre for Migration and Integration
Research, Aarhus University.
2020- Member of the advisory board at MANTRA – Moesgaards Antropologiske
2021- Member of the editor-group behind the web-platform “AnthroStories”
2012- Member of the editor-group of Antropologiske Studier, book-series, Aarhus University
2021-2022. Assistant editor at Nordic Journal of Migration Research. BFI level-2.
2018-2021. Member of the national committee for ‘Den Bibliometriske Forskningsindikator’.
2016-2019. Director of The Anthropology Research Program.
2016-2020. Board-member in the association Nordic Migration Research.
2012-2016. Director of CESAU - Centre for Sociological Studies, AU.
2010-2015. Member of the editorial-board at Tidsskrift for Islamforskning (TIFO).
2006-2008. Ph.D.-representative at The Danish Research School for Ethnography and
Anthropology, KU.

Further Education in Teaching and Research management:
2017. ‘Doctoral Supervision for Doctoral Supervisors’, Aarhus University.
2016. ‘Leadership & Research Management’ for Research Program Leaders, Aarhus
2011. ‘Pedagogy and University Teaching’ for Assistant Professors, Aarhus University
2005. ‘University Teaching for PhD students’, Copenhagen University

PhD students
Laust Lund Elbek (main supervisor), 2020
Abir Mohamad Ismail (main supervisor), 2022
Sarah-Louise Mortensen (main supervisor)
Line Grüner Overgaard (main supervisor)
Julie Nynne Bune (main supervisor)
Steffen Bering Kristensen (co-supervisor)
Annika Isfeldt (co-supervisor)

Academic Membership:
European Association of Anthropologist (EASA)
Nordic Migration Research (NMR)
Antropologforeningen i Danmark (AiD)
Dansk Etnografisk Forening (DEF)
Forum for islamforskning (FIFO)
Dansk Gerontologisk Selskab (DGS)