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Michelle H. Williams


Curriculum vitae

Profile photoMichelle H. Williams (Fødselsdato 29.05.63)
Institut for Fødevarer
Kirstinebjergvej 10
5792, Årslev
E-mail: michelle.williams@agrsci.dk
Telefon: 87158335
Mobil: 25170049

Academic qualifications:

1988 PhD (University Sydney, Australia)
1984 B Hort Sci (Hons I, Lincoln University, NZ)
18 Years as a 100% scientific researcher (1984 - 2003)
9 Years as a 100% science leader (2003 - )


Gained a strong international research background from 18 years experience in Australia, America, New Zealand & Denmark. She has had 9 years’ experience as a leader of research & as a manager of human & capital resources. Michelle has experience in initiating, coordinating & leading interdisciplinary & internationally based research projects and has a strong focus on strengthening capability and talent development to build quality and competitive research teams. Michelle has considerable experience coordinating large teams/Department of up to 120 staff & in holding significant financial accountabilities for both projects and group finances. Michelle has experience in developing strategic research alliances, industry based networks, & she frequently represents horticultural & food research at industry, industry board & Governmental levels.

Professional appointments:

2011Head of Department, Department of Food Science, University of Aarhus, Denmark
2008 - 2011Research Leader, Department of Horticulture, University of Aarhus, Denmark
2005 - 2008Group Leader Quality Systems, The Horticultural and Food Research Institute of New Zealand, NZ
2003 - 2005Team Leader Quality Systems, The Horticultural and Food Research Institute of New Zealand, NZ
2000 - 2003Senior Scientist, The Horticultural and Food Research Institute of New Zealand, NZ
1994 - 2000Senior Scientist, Department of Ornamentals, Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Denmark
1992 - 1994Postdoc, Department of Environmental Horticulture. University of Florida, USA
1991 - 1992Postdoc, Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation, North Ryde, Australia
1989 - 1991Postdoc, Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation, Adelaide, Australia
1988 - 1989Postdoc, Department of Biological Sciences, Stanford University, USA
1984 - 1988PhD student, Department of Horticulture, University of Sydney, Australia

Experience in management of people, equipment & finances (2005 - ):

• Experience as Group Leader/Head of Department leading research teams of up to 120 staff
• Accountable for up to 50 direct reports and their personal development
• Responsible for casual staff, visiting researchers and graduate students
• Experienced financial management of research portfolios of up to 15 M Euro per year
• Accountable for mentoring and partnering Commercial / Business Leaders and Science Leaders
• Responsible for effective resolution of staff issues/conflicts/performance/remuneration
• Active in investment committee, site consultative committee, royalty allocations, working groups for industry and government committees

Experience in development of scientific capability (2005 - ):

• Actively involved in international recruiting of permanent, casual staff and postgraduate students
• Setting standards for delivery and reporting to meet client expectations
• Responsible for monthly Board reports and Quarterly reports
• Partnering Human Resources to develop and pilot new Performance Planning and Review (PPR) System
• Actively contributed to science reviews, strategic pathway, enterprise model and leadership framework
• Annually involved in Capital Expenditure, Capital Investment in Buildings, Maintenance and Equipment

Research leadership (2005 - )

2012 – Chair of Aarhus University FOOD PLATFORM
2010 – 2013Project Leader of Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, (FERV) Organic RDD Project: FruitGrowth: 1 M Euro. Danish project across 3 Universities, industry consultants and growers.
2009 - 2013Project Leader of Interreg IVB North Sea Region: ClimaFruit at 6 M Euro. Transnational project with 5 participating countries.
2009 - 2012Project Leader of Danish Food Industry Agency (DFFE): Sustainable future for Danish apples, pears & strawberries at 3.5 M Euro. Danish project across 4 Universities and 8 industry partners.
2005 - 2008Programme Leader for Foundation for Research Science and Technology, New Zealand, Kiwifruit Smart Production Programme (CO6X0202) at 4 M Euro.
2005 - 2008Objective Leader for Foundation for Research Science and Technology, New Zealand, (Subcontract to Crop and Food Research Institute), Floriculture programme, objective on New Postharvest Technologies at 4 M Euro.
2005 - 2008Project Leader of Commercialisation of the ‘baby kiwifruit’ Actinidia arguta. Including leading research, managing relationships with industry exporter, collaborative marketers, pack houses, growers and offshore importers

Knowledge & involvement with key industry sectors (2005 - ):

• European Fruit Research Institutes Network. Secretariat and Danish representative
• Working Group Member of EU Zero-Residues on Fruit
• Expert Member on policy development for climate change initiatives for Ministry of Agriculture, New Zealand
• Board Member of the Marlborough Wine Research Centre Board, New Zealand
• Active in strengthening relationship with kiwifruit exporters, involved in strategy workshops with key stakeholder, Advisory Group Member, development and presentation of annual Innovation budget to Company Board for an annual investment into research of 28 M DKK
• At request of Foundation for Research Science & Technology, New Zealand attended strategy meetings, review meetings, senior management meetings, active in reporting and in portfolio funding rounds

Number of publications / outputs:

~25 international reviewed publications
~60 internal/client reports/industry articles

Selected publications:

Maxin P, Weber RWS, Pedersen HL, Williams MH 2012. Control of a wide range of storage rots in naturally infected apples by hot-water dipping and rinsing. Postharvest Biology and Technology 70: 25-31.
Maxin P, Weber RWS, Pedersen HL, Williams MH 2012. Hot-water dipping of apples to control Penicillium expansum, Neonectria galligena and Botrytis cinerea; Effects of temperature on spore germination and fruit rots. European Journal of Horticultural Science 77: 1-9.
Pagter M, Williams MH. 2011. Frost dehardening and rehardening of Hydrangea macrophyolla stems and buds. HortScience 46: 1121-1126.
Walton EF, Boldingh HL, McLaren GF, Williams MH, Jackman R 2010. The dynamics of starch and sugar utilisation in cut peony (Paeonia lactiflora Pall.) stems during storage and vase life. Post. Biol. Tech. 58: 142–146.
Harker FR, Carr BT, Lenjo M, MacRae EA, Wismer WV, Marsh KB, Williams M, White A, Lund CM, Walker SB, Gunson FA, Pereira RB 2009. Consumers liking for kiwifruit flavour: A meta-analysis of five studies on fruit quality. Food Quality and Preference 20: 30-41.
Jenks, MA, Andersen, L, Teusink, RS & Williams, MH 2001, 'Leaf cuticular waxes of potted rose cultivars as affected by plant development, drougth and paclobutrazol treatments' Physiologia Plantarum, vol 112, nr. 1, s. 62-70.
Riseman, A, Jensen, C & Williams, MH 2001, 'Stomatal conductivity and osmotic adjustment during acclimation to multiple cycles of drought stress in potted miniature rose (Rosa x hybrida)' Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology, vol 76, nr. 2, s. 138-144.
Williams, MH, Rosenqvist, ESK & Buchhave, M 2000, 'The effect of reducing production water availability on the post-production quality of potted miniature roses (Rosa x hybrida)' Postharvest Biology and Technology, vol 18, nr. 2, s. 143-150.
Williams, MH, Rosenqvist, ESK & Buchhave, M 1999, 'Response of potted miniature roses (Rosa x hybrida) to reduced water availability during production' Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology, vol 74, nr. 3, s. 301-308.
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