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Mélissa Charlotte Adelaide Allé

Ph.D., Postdoc

Mélissa Charlotte Adelaide Allé


I started to study biology and followed a bachelor degree in Cellular Biology and Physiology. Then, I discovered Neurosciences and validated a master degree in Cognitive Neurosciences and Psychology.

The last 3 years I did a PhD in cognitive neurosciences and psychology. More specifically, I’ve been working on identity disorders in schizophrenia. In order to better understand one aspect of their self-disorders, I explored the construction of their life narratives and how patients try to explain through their memories the person they are today.

Since, I continue my work on schizophrenia as I'm interested in understanding patients' symptoms and the psychopathology of this severe mental disorder. More precisely during my current Postdoctoral fellow I will explore involuntary memories in schizophrenia and try to understand the hypothetic relationships between involuntary memories and auditory hallucinations in patients suffering from schizophrenia. For this project, I will work in collaboration with Strasbourg (France) to include patients with schizophrenia and Con Amore for their expertise on involuntary memories investigation.

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