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Mehmood Alam


Mehmood Alam
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Project title: Compressed Sensing for Machine-type communication in 5G

Main supervisor:  Dr. Qi Zhang

Project period: Jan 2016 to Dec 2018

Project description
The future communication system has to cope with extremely diverse and heterogeneous use cases which lead to a number of challenging requirements like massive connections, data deluge, traffic management and inter cell interference. It becomes increasingly apparent that 4G will not be able to meet these requirements. 5G is required to support: Mission Critical IoT Communication, Massive Machine-type communication and Gigabit mobile connectivity.

Ultra-low latency and high reliability are the key challenges for Mission Critical Communication while for massive machine-type communication the key challenges are massive connections, data deluge and energy efficiency. The conventional techniques are far behind to meet these requirements.  To address these challenges, a new paradigm of communication system is required. A number of techniques have been regarded as the potential enablers to address these issues. One of the novel techniques is Compressed Sensing. Compressed sensing exploits the sparsity of the signal to design efficient system, which has been used in many different fields like astronomy, medical image processing etc. 5G system has some basic sources of sparsity like sparse traffic, multipath channels and compressible short messages which can be exploited to cope with the challenges in Mission Critical IoT communication and Massive Machine-type Communication. The aim of the project is to leverage compressed sensing technique to achieve the challenging performance requirements of Mission critical IoT communication and Massive machine type communication in 5G.


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