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Martin Hvarregaard Thorsøe

Forsker, Jordbrugssystemer og Bæredygtighed, Tenure Track Adjunkt

Martin Hvarregaard Thorsøe


My research interest is the interface between science, technology and society emphasizing issues associated with agriculture, particularly I am interested in three aspects:

  1. Drivers of change in farm-level agricultural practice in a context of complex policy requirements, market imperfections and globalization.
  2. Regulation of agricultural landscapes and implementation of sustainable and locality specific agricultural practices via stakeholder involvement, legislation and knowledge transfer.
  3. The marketization of food quality in sustainable production such as organics emphasizing the generation of value, trust building and the coordination of expectations among actors in the commodity chain.

My research is based on social science in particular qualitative methods like individual interviews and focus groups, but to a lesser extent also survey data and statistics. I draw on theoretical insights from human geography, rural sociology, as well as science and technology studies.

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