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Martin Heine Kristensen


Martin Heine Kristensen
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Martin Heine Kristensen is a PhD fellow (2015-2018) at the Department of Engineering, section of Civil and Architectural Engineering where he is affiliated to the research group of Indoor Climate and Energy. He obtained his master’s degree (MSc in Indoor Environmental and Energy Engineering) from Aalborg University in 2015.

Research topics and expertise:

  • Bottom-up physics-based building energy modelling
  • Top-down statistical modelling
  • Bayesian inference and calibration
  • Sensitivity analysis in building energy modelling
  • Propagation of uncertainty
  • Diffuse ceiling ventilation and fluid dynamics

PhD project (2015 - 2018):

The PhD project center around building energy modeling and retrofitting of the existing public, commercial and residential building stock. The aim is to setup a platform to quantify the operational energy demand and demand-side flexibility of typical buildings in a city district in order to assess the urban scale impact of different energy conserving measures on building level. This goal is pursued by means of urban scale building energy modelling and uncertainty analysis, calibrated using Bayesian methods and smart metered energy use data. The project is part of the European FP7 demonstration project READY (Resource efficient cities implementing advanced smart city solutions), work package 3. One of the most important business partners are AffaldVarme Aahus (AVA), the local district heating company.

Keywords: Urban scale building energy modelling; Smart meters; District heating; Bayesian calibration; Propagation of uncertainty; Classification of energy use; Big data analysis; Occupant behavior 

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