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Markus Hobisch

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Markus Hobisch


Project title: Medium engineering for light driven in-vitro hydroxylation

Enzymes are applied in a wide range of chemical reactions. They can run reactions at mild conditions, saving energy and reducing toxic waste.

During the last years, the use of light for enzymatic synthesis has attracted great attention, especially in oxidoreductase-catalyzed reactions. Water has been applied as the main reaction media for biocatalysis, which, in turn, might result in poor solubility of hydrophobic substrates, consequently, leading to low productivities.

Medium engineering is the solution to overcome this limitation. Instead of water, the use of non-conventional media, e.g. organic solvents or neat substrates, will be evaluated within the Ph.D study.

A likely side effect of these efforts might be decreased enzyme stability, resulting in lower activity. To ensure sufficient enzyme activity under those non-conventional conditions, various immobilisation methods will be employed to stabilise the enzyme. The enzymatic activity, stability, immobilisation yield as well as protein leaching will be evaluated to elucidate the most suitable immobilisation method.

Besides Aarhus University, this research will take place at TU Graz in Austria and TU Delft in the Netherlands.

Finally, the research results will be used to implement this process at a pharmaceutical company in Germany.

Main supervisor: Associate Professor Selin Kara

Co-supervisor: Professor Robert Kourist

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