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Marion Kathe Godman



Area of Specialization: Philosophy of Science (esp. Biology and the Human & Social Sciences)

Area of Competence: Political Philosophy; Applied Ethics


Assistant Professor, Political Science Department, Aarhus University (Jan 2020-)

Researcher, Academy of Finland CoE Philosophy of the Social Sciences, Helsinki Univ. (2012-Jul 2018)

Research & Teaching Associate, HPS, Cambridge University, UK (2013-15)

Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute of Philosophy, University of London, UK (2012)

Research Assistant, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden (2006-07)


PhD, Philosophy, King’s College London (KCL), UK (2007-12)
Thesis: Human Kinds and Other Natural Kinds (passed without corrections)
Supervisor: David Papineau; Examiners: Richard Samuels & Sarah Patterson

Phil. Lic., Philosophy, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden (2007-09)

MA, Theoretical Philosophy Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden (2006-07)

BA, Theoretical Philosophy, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden


Sapere Aude Research Leader, DFF Starting Grant (767.000 EUR) (2020-2023)
Independent Research Fund Denmark. Principal Investigator/Sole applicant

The Center for the Experimental-Philosophical Study of Discrimination (€ 8,4 million) (2020-2026)
Independent Research Fund Denmark (Centre of Excellence Scheme/Danmarks Grundforskningsfond). Co-applicant with Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen (PI), Göran Duus-Otterström, Lasse Laustsen, Michael Bang Petersen, Kim Mannemar Sønderskov, Lotte Thomsen & Fabio Wolkenstein

“Types of reactivity in the human sciences” Nordic Exploratory Workshop series (€41,000) (2019-2020)
Joint Nordic Research Councils. Co-applicant with Caterina Marchionni & Julie Zahle

“Neuroscience, law and responsibility” Science and Culture Exploratory Award (approx. €30,000) (2012)
Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK. Co-applicant with Helen Beebee (PI)

“Social Interaction” European Platform Network grant (€ 92,100) (2012-14)
Volkswagen Stiftüng, Germany. Co-applicant with Vivian Bohl, Mog Stapleton, Wouter van den Bos, Marijn van Wingerden & Christoph Teufel

King’s College London Teaching Fellow Award (2009)

Doctoral Award (€ 28,380, EU citizen fees-only) (2007-10)
Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK (Sole applicant)

Doctoral Award (€ 31,000) (2007-11)
Signhild Engkvist Stiftelse (Foundation of Signhild Engkvist), Sweden. Sole applicant

Susan Stebbing Studentship (€ 1100) (2007-11)
Department of Philosophy, King’s College London, UK


The Nordic Racial Hygiene Studies: Science, Interactivity, and Cultural Domination

Godman, M. K., 2023, (Accepteret/In press) Philosophical Perspectives on Cultural Domination . Kincaid, H. & van Riel, R. (red.). Routledge

What should scientists do about (harmful) interactive effects?

Godman, M. K. & Marchionni, C., nov. 2022, I: European Journal for Philosophy of Science. 12, 4, 63.

Eyeing up life's social instincts

Godman, M. K., apr. 2022, (E-pub ahead of print) I: Philosophical Psychology.

Scientific realism with historical essences: The Case of Species

Godman, M. K., jun. 2021, I: Synthese. 198, Suppl. 12, s. 3041 - 3057 17 s.

The Epistemology and Morality of Human Kinds

Godman, M. K., jan. 2021, Abingdon: Routledge. 124 s. (Focus on Philosophy).

Alzheimer's disease and relationships of value

Godman, M. K., 2021, I: Think-Philosophy for everyone. 20, 57, s. 39 - 51

Tänk om far dör ensam på demensboendet: Relationer under undantag i coronatider

Godman, M. K., 25 apr. 2020, I: Hufvudstadsbladet. s. 32-33 2 s.

Essential Properties Are Super-Explanatory: Taming Metaphysical Modality

Godman, M. K., Mallozzi, A. & Papineau, D., 2020, I: Journal of the American Philosophical Association. 6, 3, s. 316-334 19 s.

Species have historical not intrinsic essences

Godman, M. K. & Papineau, D., 2020, Philosophical Studies Series. Bianchi, A. (red.). Cham: Springer, s. 355-367 13 s. (Philosophical Studies Series; Nr. 142).

A Modern Synthesis of Philosophy and Biology

Godman, M., 2019, The Cambridge History of Philosophy, 1945–2015. Becker, K. & Thomson, I. D. (red.). Cambridge University Press, s. 210-220 11 s.

Gender as a historical kind: A tale of two genders?

Godman, M., 2018, I: Biology and Philosophy. 33, 3-4, 21.

Should Individuals with Psychopathy Be Compensated for Their Fearlessness? (Or How Neuroscience Matters for Equality)

Godman, M., 2018, Neurolaw and Responsibility for Action: Concepts, Crimes and Courts. Donnelly-Lazarov, B. (red.). Cambridge University Press, s. 228-243 16 s.

On Blaming and Punishing Psychopaths

Godman, M. & Jefferson, A., 2017, I: Criminal Law and Philosophy. 11, 1, s. 127-142 16 s.

Review of: Thomas W. Polger and Laurence A. Shapiro // The Multiple Realization Book

Godman, M., 2017, I: British Journal for the Philosophy of Science Book Reviews.

Cultural syndromes: Socially learned but real

Godman, M., 2016, I: Filosofia Unisinos. 17, 2, s. 185-191 7 s.

Möjliga träskindividers omöjliga medlemskap

Godman, M., 2016, Mahdollisuus/Möjlighet. Niiniluoto, I., Tahko, T. & Toppinen, T. (red.). Helsinki: Filosofiska Föreningen i Finland, s. 87-93 7 s.

The Special Science Dilemma and How Culture Solves it

Godman, M., 2015, I: Australasian Journal of Philosophy. 93, 3, s. 491-508 18 s.

Book Review of: 'Hard Luck: How luck undermines free will and moral responsibility' by Neil Levy

Godman, M., 2014, I: Analysis. 74, 1, s. 186-188 3 s.

Review of P. D. Magnus’ Scientific Enquiry and Natural Kinds: From Planets to Mallards

Godman, M., 2014, I: International Studies in the Philosophy of Science. 28, 3, s. 343-346 4 s.

The Social Motivation Hypothesis for Prosocial Behavior

Godman, M., Nagatsu, M. & Salmela, M., 2014, I: Philosophy of the Social Sciences. 44, 5, s. 563-587 25 s.

Interdisciplinary Workshop in the Philosophy of Medicine: Minds and Bodies in Medicine

Godman, M. & Kingma, E., 2013, I: Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice (Online). 19, 3, s. 564-571 8 s.

Psychiatric Disorders qua Natural Kinds: The case of the ‘Apathetic Children’

Godman, M., 2013, I: Biological Theory. 7, 2, s. 144-152 9 s.

Why we do things together: The social motivation for joint action

Godman, M., 2013, I: Philosophical Psychology. 26, 4, s. 588-603 16 s.

Assessing socially disruptive technological change

Carlsen, H., Dreborg, K. H., Godman, M., Hansson, S. O., Johansson, L. & Wikman-Svahn, P., 2010, I: Technology in Society. 32, 3, s. 209-218 10 s.

European Public Advice on Nanobiotechnology—Four Convergence Seminars

Godman, M. & Hansson, S. O., 2009, I: NanoEthics. 3, s. 43-59

But is it Unique to Nanotechnology? Reframing Nanoethics

Godman, M., 2008, I: Science and Engineering Ethics. 14, s. 391-403


Peer-Reviewed Presentations (PRP); Invited Speaker (IS)

“Multiple Realization for the Life Sciences”
British Society for Philosophy of Science conference, Durham (Jul 2019)

“Indispensable human kinds”
Workshop on the epistemology, metaphysics, and semantics of human kinds, KU Leuven (IS) (May 2018)

“Semi-persistent objects: Remarks on Kinds and Individuals as space-time worms”
Workshop on Metaphysics and Formal Ontology, Tampere University (IS) (Apr 2018)

“Historical essences and scientific realism: the case of species” (various different drafts on the theme)
Philosophy Society, Lund University Lund Sweden (IS) (Feb 2018)
Biannual Philosophy of Science Association, Atlanta, USA (PRP) (Nov 2016)
Congress for Logic, Methodology & Philosophy of Science, Helsinki University (PRP) (Aug 2015)
International Society for History, Sociology & Philosophy of Biology, Montreal (PRP) (Jul 2015)
European Philosophy of Science Association conference, Helsinki, Finland (PRP) (Aug 2013)

“What can I learn about myself from correlational psychology?” (with Martin Bellander)
Philosophy of Science seminar, Helsinki University, Finland (IS) (Nov 2017)
British Society for Philosophy of Science conference, Cardiff, Wales (PRP) (Jul 2016)
Nordic Network for Philosophy of Science meeting, Pärnu, Estonia (PRP) (Apr 2016)

“Parsimony and species essentialism”
Sober’s simplicity: A one-day workshop, Copenhagen University(IS) (Oct 2017)

“In what sense, if any, is gender not a natural kind?”
Philosophy colloquium, Tartu University, Estonia (IS) (Oct 2017)
Philosophy colloquium, Copenhagen University (Oct 2017)
Royal Institute of Philosophy lecture, Roehampton University (IS) (Nov 2014)
Women, Truth and Action, University of Helsinki, Finland (PRP) (Oct 2013)

“A Relationship of Value: The Social Intellect of Those with Intellectual Disabilities”
Helsinki Symposium on Profound Intellectual Disability, MayVik, Finland (IS) (Jun 2017)

“Do Casinos Enable Gambling Addicts and Corporation Enable Psychopaths?”
Moral Responsibility: Hard Cases, University of Birmingham, UK (IS) (May 2017)

“Species have Historical, not Intrinsic Essences” (with David Papineau)
Workshop on Biological Essentialism, York University UK (IS) (May 2017)

“Toward the historical-reproductive unity of social membership”
Philosophy Seminar, Umeå University, Sweden (IS) (Feb 2017)
Philosophy of Borders, CEU, Budapest, Hungary (PRP) (Feb 2017)

“How do social groups underpin the social sciences?”
Philosophy seminar, Åbo Akademi, Finland (IS) (Mar 2016)
Thinking (About) Groups, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (IS) (Oct 2014)
Social Complexes; Parts and Wholes, Lund University, Sweden (IS) (Oct 2014)

“Möjliga träskindividers omöjliga medlemskap” (In Swedish)
Svenskspråkigt filosofi seminarium, Helsingfors universitet (IS) (Mar 2016)
Finlands filosofiska förenings konferens, Helsingfors (PRP) (Jan 2016)

“Psychopathy and immoral motivation”
Moral psychology interdisciplinary workshop, CRASSH, Cambridge University (IS) (Oct 2015)

“What social motivations are and how they matter to group formation”
Italian Society for Cognitive Science, Genoa, Italy (IS) (Dec 2015)

“The special science dilemma and how culture solves it”
Cambridge Philosophy of Science Seminar (IS) (May 2014)
British Society for Philosophy of Science conference, Sussex University, (PRP) (July 2011)
Stockholm Philosophy Graduate Conference, Stockholm University, Sweden (PRP) (May 2011)

“The primacy of social motivation in cooperation” (with Michiru Nagatsu & Mikko Salmela)
British Society for Philosophy of Science Conference, University of Exeter, UK (PRP) (Jul 2013)
European Network of Social Ontology, University of Helsinki, Finland (PRP) (Oct 2013)

“On blaming and punishing psychopaths” (with Anneli Jefferson)
Neuroscience and the Law: The work of Stephen Morse, EUI, Florence, Italy (PRP) (Jun 2013)

“The ‘Apathetic children’ – A case study in grounding psychiatric kinds”
Philosophy of Medicine Seminar, King’s College London (IS) (Feb 2012)
Workshop on Natural Kinds in the Life Sciences, University of Granada, Spain (IP) (Sep 2011)
Workshop in Philosophy of Psychiatry, University of Birmingham, UK (IS) (Jun 2010)



Social and Moral Philosophy Unit, Department of Political and Economic Studies, Helsinki University
Master’s thesis students (2015-17)

History and Philosophy of Science department, Cambridge University (2013-2014)
MPhil/Part III (Research Master’s programmes) Supervisor for Bsc/M.Sc. students
Internal Examiner for MPhil/Part III and Part II programmes


Politics & Economic Studies department, Helsinki University
Hur bör vi kategorisera människor? 13 lectures (in Swedish on Human kinds) (2016)
Philosophy of Social Science 12 lectures (in English with Sonja Amadae) (2016)
Science, Values and Society, 13 lectures, (in English) (2013)

History and Philosophy of Science department, Cambridge University (2013-2014)
Theory & Evidence (IB, Natural Sciences/Philosophy tripod option), 8 lectures
Philosophy of Biology (IB, Natural Sciences/Philosophy tripod option), 8 lectures
Metaphysics of Science: The Challenge from Biology (HPS, Part II students), 8 lectures
Bioethics (HPS, Part II students), 4 lectures
Ethics of Medicine (Biological and Biomedical Sciences students), 4 lectures
Evidence and Observation (HPS Part II students), 4 lectures
Primary Source: Stanford School (HPS, Part II students), 4 meetings
Internal Examiner for MPhil and Part II essays

Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm (2006-07)
Philosophy of Science, 4 sessions for Master course for engineers (in English)
Mediaetik (Media ethics), 6 lectures for MA course for engineers (in Swedish)


Editor with Cateria Marchionni & Julie Zahle
Topical Collection, “Reactivity in the Human Sciences” for European Journal of Philosophy of Science (2020)


Programme Committee, European Society of Philosophy of Science (2020)

Programme Committee, British Society for the Philosophy of Science Annual Meeting (2018)

Co-Organiser of Philosophy of Science seminar, Helsinki University (2017-)

Interviewer for candidates for the HPS MPhil programme, Cambridge University (2013)

PhD rep., Philosophy department board, KCL (2010-11)

Chairperson, Stockholm University Philosophy Society (2005-06)

Undergraduate rep., Philosophy department board, Stockholm University (2005-06)


Organisation of Reactivity and Classification in the Human Sciences, Copenhagen (Jun 2020)

Organised 2 workshops on Law, Responsibility & NeuroscienceInstitute of Philosophy, University of London (2012)

Co-organised 2 conferences on Social interaction, in Cambridge & Düsseldorf University  (2012-13)


Moderator for ‘Fake News! Neoliberalism, Post-Truth Politics & Propensities for Violence’ (Dec 2017)
Debate at Think Corner venue at Helsinki University

Panelist, Debate about the future of “bildning” and higher education in the Nordic context (Jul 2017)
Almedalen Political week, Visby, Sweden

Panelist on debate on the Future and Ethics of Nanotechnology (May 2014)
Pint of Science Festival, Cambridge, UK

Chair of debate: ‘Disability as a Ground for Abortion? (May 2014)
Cambridge Medical Society, Trinity College, Cambridge

Panelist on debate on the use of Bacterial Genome data (Mar 2014)
Science Festival, Cambridge, UK

Regular contributor to Imperfect Cognitions blog: http://imperfectcognitions.blogspot.uk (2014-)

AHRC Media training course for academics, London University (2010)

Philosophy outreach programme to secondary schools, King’s College London (2009-11)


* Australasian Journal of Philosophy; * Philosophers Imprint; * Philosophical Quarterly; * European Journal of Philosophy; * British Journal for the Philosophy of Science; * Philosophy of Science; * Erkenntnis; * Synthese; * Philosophical Psychology; * Studies in the History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Science; * International Studies in Philosophy of Science; * Theoria; * Review of Philosophy and Psychology; * Frontiers of Human Neuroscience; * Biological Theory; * Acta Analytica; * Phenomenology & the Cognitive Sciences; * British Journal of Aesthetics; * Science and Engineering Ethics; * NanoEthics; * NanoMedicine; * EUSAL Revistas