Institut for Biomedicin

Marina Romero-Ramos

Lektor, Affiliated Researcher

Curriculum Vitae

Marina Romero-Ramos PhD.

Current Position: Associate Professor
Citizenship: Spanish, (granted permanent residency in Denmark since 2010)

Education/academic degrees:
1988-1993    MSc in Pharmacology at Univ. of Seville, Spain
1994-1999    Doctoral training at University of Seville, Spain
2000             PhD in Biochemistry (Neuroscience)

Research/teaching experience:
1994-1999     Doctoral Student, Dept. of Biochem. Univ. of Seville, Spain
1997-1999    Head/owner of a Pharmacy in Seville, Spain
10/99-6/02    Postdoctoral project, Dept. of Neurol., UCLA School of Medicine,USA
7/02-10/05    Postdoctoral project, Div. of Neurobiol., Lund Univ., Sweden
11/05-6/09    Assistant Professor, Dept. Med. Biochem., Aarhus Univ., Denmark
2014-2018     Leader of the Research center NEURODIN
7/09-press     Associate Professor, Dept. Biomedicine, Aarhus Univ, Denmark

Work leaves:
6/03-6/04    Maternity leave (100% for 44 weeks & 50% for 8 weeks)
6/06-3/07    Maternity leave (100% 40 weeks)

Honors and awards:
1994-1996      PhD fellowship, Spain
1995              Fellowship from the “Farmacéutica Avenzoar Foundation”, Spain
2001              Route 28 Summit in Neurobiology Award of Excellence
2002-2005      Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow EU-FP5
7/05-10/05     Postdoctoral fellow of the Nordic Center of Excellence