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Mariam Abdi Noor


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Project title: Biomechanical characterisation of aortic root properties for optimising repair techniques in the presence of aneurysmal disease - a clinical experimental study

The pathophysiologic mechanisms governing aortic aneurysm progression in humans are not fully understood. Currently, aneurysm size remains the best criteria for recommending surgery in large aortic aneurysms. This has clear shortcomings as aneurysm size is not an absolute predictor of aneurysm expansion and risk of rupture.

This study comprises of a biomechanical characterisation and histological mapping of collagen and elastin architecture of exercised human aortic root tissue around its circumference. Knowledge from this study will be applied to develop a conceptual design of a dynamic annuloplasty ring. The expectation is that this ring could mimic and support the native functional and biomechanical properties addressing normal physiological aortic root dynamics. The hope is that these findings will lead to a significantly improved treatment for patients undergoing repair of the aortic root.

Main supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Peter Johansen

Co-supervisor: J. Michael Hasenkam

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