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Marcel Turkensteen


Marcel Turkensteen


Member of Section: Econometrics and Business Analytics
Research Secretary: Solveig Nygaard Sørensen 

PhD in Economics and Business at the University of Groningen, 2002-2006
MSc in Econometrics & OR at the University of Groningen, 1997-2002

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Marcel Turkensteen’s research is within the field of Operations Research and Logistics. His field of interest is broad and contains interdisciplinary research.
The main areas of interest are:

  • Network problems in routing and location. This includes the improvement of algorithms for difficult combinatorial problems, such as the Traveling Salesman Problem. Examples of this are the publications on the use of tolerances in optimization. 
  • The development of models and solution approach for problems with a geographical dimension.  This dimension may be due to the spread of locations over a geographical area, or the influence of management decisions on the environment. A prime example of this is the paper on balancing the fit and logistics costs of market segmentations.


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