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Manté Vertelyté


  • DPU - Danmarks institut for Pædagogik og Uddannelse
Tuborgvej 164
B, 114c
København NV

E-mail: mante@edu.au.dk

Curriculum Vitae

My general research interests include racialization, nationalisms and Europeanness, with a particular angle on education and youth studies.

Specific research areas, themes and questions:

  1. How are intimate personal relations related to forms of nationalisms, racialization and intersectional exclusions? I am particularly curious about the roles that friendship plays among youth in Denmark, specifically, among majority-minority students. For my PhD dissertation titled “Not So Ordinary Friendship: Ethnography of Students Friendship Relations in a Racially Diverse Danish Classroom”, I carried an ethnographic research on young people’s friendship relations in Danish multicultural schools, where I particularly looked at how the processes of racialization figure in everyday friendship formation practices and how race and gender come to matter (or not) in these relationships.
  2. What is the role of affects in diversity work and specifically, antiracist education in Danish gymnasiums? As part of the larger project Diversity work as mood work (au.dk), I focus on the ways that affects play in students racial-ethnic exclusions in Danish schools and their teachers responses. Specifically, I am curious in the historical development of affective pedagogies in Danish educations. Moreover, I examine every day affective practices through which racialized exclusions materialize, such as joking relations and humor.
  3. How do early career women in STEM university fields do diversity work through their everyday engagements and investments? I focus on how early career women scholars shape, confront, challenge and reaffirm the structures and rhythms of the institutions they participate in. As part of the project Affective Investments in Diversity work in STEM (au.dk), I particularly work with the notion affective temporalities to understand women’s precarious positions, aspirations and possibilities for ‘making it’ to academic worlds as well as understandings of academic ‘success’ and ‘failure’.


Diversity Work as Mood Work in Education

Staunæs, D. & Vertelyté, M.

Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond (DFF)


Policy futures: Researching on education policy, governance and administration at a time of political crisis in Europe

Madsen, M., Brøgger, K., Cone, L., Krejsler, J. B., Cort, P. S., Kristensen, J. E., Hedegaard, M. L. L., Larson, A., Jimenez, G., Plotnikof, M., Coninck-Smith, N. D., Laursen, R., Moos, L., Staunæs, D., Nørgaard, C., Binderup, T., Vertelyté, M., Smedegaard Ernst Bengtsen, S., Normand, R., Robertson, S., Mengel, P., Tarby, S. C. M., Moscovitz, H., Zangrandi, E., Harsbo, R., Nygaard, P. S., Sørensen, A. E., Nuriler, H. & Gibson, A. G.

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SERR: Studies into Experience of Race and Racialization

Vertelyté, M. & Hervik, P.




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