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Malou Juelskjær

Ph.D, Lektor

Malou Juelskjær
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Malou is inspired by critical posthumanist approaches, and by feminist new materialist and feminist poststructuralist thinking, while also drawing inspiration from post-colonial approaches, critical race studies and decolonial studies. Malou has recently published two books on agential realism (Dialogues on agential realism, Routledge 2021 (with Helle Plauborg and Stine Adrian), At tænke med agential realisme, Nyt Fra Samfundsvidenskaberne 2019) and a range of articles centred on critical posthumanist issues and feminist, affective material-discursive methodologies.

Malou has worked with diverse materials and empirical foci. She has conducted projects on the interplay between educational architecture, learning, pedagogy, and educational management wherefore she has collaborated with architects. A project concerned with questions of ethics in relation to the use of data in management and leadership in schools, with colleague Dorthe Staunæs. She has been engaged with questions of justice in relation to Danish colonial history through thinking-with memorials. Together with Monika Rogowska-Stangret, they have been in ongoing conversations about living a feminist academic life: A pace of our own. Becoming through speeds and slows: investigating living through temporal ontologies of the university (2017) and Caring, touching, voicing. On how voice comes to voice in academia for the Routledge Voice Studies Series on Voicing New Materialisms, edited by Mila Tiainen et al (2023).

The paper Mattering pedagogy in precarious times of (un)learning (2020) and At sanse med dyb og tyk tid – geopoetiske bevægelser i det antropocæne (Sensing with thick and deep-time – geopoetics in the Anthropocene), is concerned with environmentally and socially just pedagogies, exploring, among other things, how ‘affective geology’ may inspire posthumanist pedagogies. Following that line of inquiry, she is now working on a project on soil-care, re-foresting and sensing. Combining practical and academic work. Practically forming an organization www.skovgro.dk engaged in collaboration with drinking water utility companies about buying agriculture land to plant trees while at the same time researching on the many entangled problematics of these activities.

Malou Juelskjær var del af COST netværket "New Materialism. Networking European Scholarship on 'How matter comes to matter'". http://newmaterialism.eu/the-groups/working-group-1

Interview med Malou Juelskjær, ASTERISK, 14. September 2014: Skolelederne skal forløse tidsreform. http://edu.au.dk/fileadmin/edu/Asterisk/71/Asterisk-71-s14-16.pdf

Samtale mellem arkitekt Dorte Mandrup og Malou Juelskjær om samspillet mellem arkitektur og skoleliv og læring. http://www.dpu.dk/viden/webtvasterisktv/

Interview med bl.a Malou Juelskjær "Farvel til fabriksundervisning, Goddag til fremtidens læring" http://www.e-pages.dk/aarhusuniversitet/260/9

Interview med Malou Juelskjær i tidsskriftet Asterisk, om skoleelevers præmisser for at finde ro i de nye og ombyggede skoler.


Ph.d afhandlingen "En ny start - bevægelser i/gennem tid, rum, krop og sociale kategorier via begivenheden skoleskift"  kan downloades via nedenstående link:







 Malou Juelskjær er lektor i socialpsykologi. 

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