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Maja Hojer Bruun


Maja Hojer Bruun


I am Associate Professor in Educational Anthropology, Technology and Organisations at the Danish School of Education (DPU), Aarhus University where I convene the interdisciplinary Research Program Future Technology, Culture and Learning: https://dpu.au.dk/forskning/forskningsprogrammer/fremtidsteknologi-kultur-og-laereprocesser
I hold a PhD and MSc in Anthropology from the University of Copenhagen.

Research keywords: Anthropology, science and technology, organisations and learning processes, political economy, experimental and interventionist ethnographic methods, urban studies, commons and communities.

My main research interests are in science and technology, organisations and welfare societal institutions, culture and learning processes,  economic anthropology and urban studies. I have conducted ethnographic fieldwork in Denmark, Russia and Germany. In my current research projects I explore questions of expertise, ethics, democracy and societal participation in relation to digital and emerging technologies, including AI systems.

I am editor-in-chief of the Palgrave Handbook of the Anthropology of Technology (2022) and convenor of the Danish Research Network of the Anthropology of Technology: http://projects.au.dk/antech/

Research projects:

Automated Expertise? Artificial Intelligence and algorithmic systems as inter-professional work practices (2023-2026, Sapere Aude DFF Starting Grant): https://dff.dk/en/grants/research-leaders-2022/researchleader-5?set_language=en

Living Labs: An Interventionist Ethnographic Approach to Technologies of the Future (2018-2023, DFF Project 1):
Find more about the project and project events here:

Research Network for the Anthropology of Technology: Future Technologies, Culture and Human Practices (2018-2022, DFF Research Network):


I teach anthropological theory and methods in the MA programme Educational Anthropology at Aarhus University. I am a member of the study board (Uddannelsesnævn) and the Academic Council (Akademisk Råd).

Follow me on Twitter @AnTechNetwork and @MajaHojerBruun

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