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Maja Bak Herrie


Maja Bak Herrie


I am currently working on a Postdoc project funded by The Novo Nordisk Foundation (2021-2023) with the title Perceiving a Pre-Filtered World: Anticipated Perception in a Data-Driven Culture. In the project, I seek to develop a theoretical and analytical terminology to adequately describe and understand how we sense and make sense of an experience of reality, which is increasingly pre-calculated and anticipated by intelligent systems. Through analyses of experimental artistic practices, the project addresses the mutual intellectual and artistic relationships between aesthetic experience and technological transformations of perception more broadly. It shows how today’s digital culture is algorithmically “programmed” towards certain uses and receptions and discusses these logics of anticipation as a defining condition of our contemporary data-driven culture.

I have a PhD in Aesthetics and Culture from School of Communication and Culture at Aarhus University. In my dissertation The Digital Object: Aesthetics, Data and Cultural Techniques, I developed the concept of the digital object that can be used in analyses of aesthetic and cultural possibilities and challenges brought about by new forms of data and data processing.

My areas of research and teaching include new media and technologies, data and data processing, aesthetic theory, -philosophy and -history, and the theory and history of science. I teach at BA and MA level in programmes at Art History and Aesthetics & Culture in topics as contemporary art and -culture, aesthetic communication, and visual theory.

I am a member of the research programmes Contemporary Aesthetics & Technology and Humans and Information Technology as well as the Nordic Network of Women in Aesthetics.

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