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Maiken Christina N Engelsmann

Ph.d.-studerende, Videnskabelig assistent

Maiken Christina N Engelsmann



2012-2015 BSc in Animal Science (Husdyrvidenskab)

2015-2018 MSc in Animal Science



Title: Better growth and disease persistency in weaned piglets with functional dietary ingredients

During my PhD I wil try to find nutrional approaches that can ensure robust pigs with good growth, with focus on the period three weeks after weaning. By making the pigs more resistance to the infection pressure in this period would antibiotic consumption be lowered and the use of medical zinc not be needed. I will evalute the effect of these different nutrional approches on animal performce, diarrhea prevalence and gut health. 



Main supervisor: Jan Værum Nørgaard

Co-supervisor: Mette Skou Hedemann

Co-supervisor: Tina Skau Nielsen

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