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Lubomír Matejícka


Lubomír Matejícka


Project title: Aerodynamic stability and icing of bridge cables with concave fillets

Project description:
Cable-supported bridges can suffer from ice and snow accretions that develop in specific weather conditions, predominantly in cold climate regions. As shed pieces of ice and snow falling off the bridge cables can be of considerable size and weight, they may pose a significant hazard for the traffic below. The contemporary bridge cable surface utilises semi-circular protrusions (fillets) in a double helical pattern for a better aerodynamic behaviour compared to a plain cable surface. However, this type of surface neither hinders the formation of ice nor mitigates the risk of ice shedding. Furthermore, various aerodynamic instabilities affecting bridge cables with this type of surface lead to the use of expensive and maintenance-intensive cable dampers.

Previous wind tunnel tests of an innovative cable surface with concave fillets have shown significant reduction of risk associated with falling ice pieces and better aerodynamic performance. This project aims to further investigate and develop the potential of this new type of bridge cable surface, mainly through wind tunnel testing. Improved ice-shedding and aerodynamic performance of the new surface could substantially reduce the material, operational and maintenance costs for the bridge owners and operators.

Supervisors: Professor Christos T. Georgakis and Holger. H. Koss (DTU)

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ID: 129634151