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Lu Feng
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Project title: Optimisation of biogas production by improved digester performance and precise regulation of the biogas process

The Danish government has made ambitious plans for the expansion of energy production from biogas. Increased application of biogas plants (anaerobic digesters, AD) plays an important role in the ultimate goal of a 100 per cent sustainable energy supply in 2050 ("Energiaftalen").

In order to reach the ambitious goal, phasing out fossil fuel and balancing the large share of electricity from wind power in 2050, increased production of biogas is of high importance. The national plan for “Green Growth” aims at using 50 per cent of the manure in biogas plants in 2020.

Anaerobic digestion and biogas production are complex processes carried out by a well-organised community of several microbial populations. Some of the microbial groups involved are slow-growing and sensitive to changes in operating conditions. This will cause instability in fermentation during both the start-up phase and at steady state operation of the fermentation of biomass in biogas plants. The biogas process will be more commercially attractive if the risk of instability has been overcome through optimisation of the process.

The aim of this project is to optimise anaerobic digestion performance by improving operation conditions and eliminate factors limiting metabolism of the CH4 producing the microorganisms. This may include more efficient process designs like serial coupling of digesters, specialised digesters for hydrolysis, process additives and pre-treatment

Main supervisor: Senior Researcher Henrik Bjarne Møller

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