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Louise Felding


  • Institut for Kultur og Samfund - Afdeling for Arkæologi og Kulturarvsstudier
Moesgård Allé 20
4215, 034

E-mail: lofel@cas.au.dk


As an archaeologist I have worked on numerous projects across Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland and Turkey. Following my field work experience, I also have extensive post-excavation and publication experience and have a proven track record of delivering projects to agreed deadlines and within budget.
Through my work and research I have an extensive knowledge of GIS and database design with specific experience in digitising, distribution mapping and viewshed analysis.
As well as being an experienced field archaeologist I have a keen interest in Bronze Age research, public archaeology and local community outreach.


Key words: Bronze Age, Material Culture and Identity
I am currently working towards my PhD degree with the project: Mobility as Social Construct New Aspects of Social Roles of Women in the Bronze Age. My research is focused on the Early Bronze Age in Scandinavia and in particular relation to the Egtved Girl and the dynamics of mobility in the Bronze Age society. Part of the work involves project managing a large-scale refurbishment of the site at the Egtved Girls Grave in Egtved near Vejle with a proposed new build and exhibition. The exhibition will include the latest research on the Egtved Girl and incorporate future research on the topic.
I have for my masters thesis on Danish rock art focused on contextualising prehistoric landscapes by looking at rock art and its connection with the surrounding landscape and this his work has made it to publication (Felding 2010, 2015).

Academic Qualifications

2009. Mag. art, Prehistoric Archaeology, Copenhagen University (180 ECTS)
2002. BA, Prehistoric Archaeology, Copenhagen University (180 ECTS)

Relevant work and initiatives

2016-2019: part of the research group within the project ‘Tales of Bronze Age Women’ led by Research Professor Karin M. Frei, National Museum DK (http://natmus.dk/historisk-viden/forskning/forskningsprojekter/tales-of-bronze-age-women/forskningsgruppen/)
2014 – 2016: part of the bronze age strategies group with the Danish Agency for Culture (http://slks.dk/fortidsminder-diger/arkaeologi-paa-land/museernes-arkaeologiske-arbejde/arkaeologiske-strategier/bronzealder/).
2015. One initiator of the museum network ‘Bronzealdernet – museumsnetværk for bronzealderstudier’. The group consists of neighbouring museums in the south and mid Jutland area and have annual meetings with presentations and discussion forum for on-going museum research and excavations related to the Bronze Age.
2011. Participant in the seminar ‘Picturing the Bronze Age’ held at Vitlycke Museum Sweden – with following peer reviewed publication (Felding 2015).
2006. ERASMUS exchange student at Glasgow University (honours courses).


Peer reviewed
Felding, L. 2016. The Egtved Girl – Trade, Travel and Alliance in the Bronze Age. Adoranten Vol. 2015.
Felding, L. 2015: A rock with a view: New Perspectives on Danish Rock Art. In: Ling, Skoglund & Bertilsson (eds.) Picturing the Bronze Age. Swedish Rock Art Research vol. 3. Oxbow Books.
Other publications
Felding, L. 2016. Egtvedpigen. Vild Med Viden serie 6. nr. 44. Forlaget Epsilon.
Felding, L. 2015. Rock Art: When, Why and to Whom? Two Danish Examples. Expression No. 8 June 2015.
Felding, L. & Stott, D. 2013. A posthole is a posthole? A discussion of excavation strategies and methodologies in Denmark and the UK. Arkæologisk Forum nr. 28, 2013.
Felding, L. 2010. A view beyond Bornholm - new perspectives on Danish rock carvings. Adoranten Vol 2010.
Felding, L. 2010. Ristninger og riter - danske helleristninger i bronzealderens landskabsrum. In: Lyngstrøm & Storgaard (eds.) 2010. Brudstykker af en helhed. Specialer i forhistorisk arkæologi 2008 & 2009 fra Københavns Universitet. 2010.

Professional History

Aarhus University & VejleMuseerne (2016 – present)PhD fellow with the project: Mobility as Social Construct. New Aspects of Social Roles of Bronze Age Women. The project is co-funded between VejleMuseerne, Aarhus University, Danish Ministry for Culture and National Museum DK.
VejleMuseerne, Denmark (2013 - 2016)
Working as a archaeologist and curator at VejleMuseerne. Work involves project managing, research, publication, administration, excavation, finds registration, outreach, lecturing and curating.

Archaeological Services WYAS, England (2011 – 2013) Working as an archaeologist undertaking excavations and geophysical surveys in a commercial archaeological environment and thereby gained and understanding of the British policies and guidelines and archaeological mitigation strategies.
Køge Museum, Denmark (2005 – 2011)
Working as archaeological supervisor in charge of desk based assessments, daily supervision of excavations, communication with local authorities and local community groups.

National Museum, Greenland (2007 – 2009)
During two field season I have participated in excavations and walk over surveys in Southern Greenland with particular focus on the Norse pastoral land use.

Catal Höyük ,Turkey (2008)
Working as a professional excavator at Catal Höyük - a deeply stratified Neolithic tell on the Konya Plain. Site directed by Prof. Ian Hodder.

FSI, Iceland (2002 – 2008)
Working as a professional excavator in Iceland for several seasons. Most work carried out at Gasir, a complex deeply stratified medieval trading site in Northern Iceland.

Museum work - archaeology (2002 - 2009)
Worked as excavator and supervisor on various sites in Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Turkey and Greenland. 
Companies worked for: 
Odense Bys Museer, Ålborg Historiske Museum, Museet for Varde By og Omegn, Folkemuseet, Køge Museum, Nationalmuseet (Greenland), FSI (Iceland), Catalhöyük Research Project (Turkey)‬

Centre for Historical-Archaeological Research & Communication (2000 – 2004) Working as outreach officer in charge of engaging the public within reconstructed prehistoric environments.