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Liping Shi


Liping Shi


Project title: Optimal strategies for efficient autonomous drone collaboration

Project description:
The operation, surveillance and maintenance of high voltage transmission lines in power systems have been a manual and costly process for decades. The process incurs not only operational expenditures but also human capital risks. With the adventure of the Internet of Things (IoT) and drone technology, this surveillance operation can be automated through the collaboration of autonomous systems. This Ph.D project aims to research the network structure and its protocol architecture of autonomous drones (swarm). Collaboration strategies for drones will be implemented that permit safe and efficient surveillance operation of transmission lines in the power grid.

Analytical and numerical simulations to validate proposed solutions will be considered. Promising solutions obtained from the analytical framework are expected to be prototyped and tested in a laboratory environment. There will be access (drones4energy.dk) to drone equipment and a drone test facility for piloting and field trials.

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Rune Hylsberg Jacobsen

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