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Line Anker Kyhn

M.Sc. (2006) University of Copenhagen & University of Aarhus, Specialkonsulent, Forsker

Profile photoLine Anker Kyhn
Institut for Bioscience - Arctic Research Centre
Institut for Bioscience - Havpattedyrforskning
Frederiksborgvej 399
7425, P1.28
E-mail: lky@bios.au.dk
Mobil: +4530183148
Telefon: +4587158826


December 2010: PhD from Aarhus University. Title: Passive acoustic monitoring of toothed
whales with implications for mitigation, management and biology.
October 2006: Master of Science, University of Copenhagen. Title: Detection of harbor
porpoises using T-PODs

Employments (Current and recent)

May 2019 - current: Special consultant at Aarhus University
Oct 2010 - May 2019: Researcher at Aarhus University
Mar 2007 - Aug 2007: Scientific assistant at Aarhus University

Scientific profile

I am a dedicated marine mammal biologist with a Ph.D. in bioacoustics of toothed whales. I have fifteen years of experience in research and advisory within the field of bioacoustics, underwater noise and health related issues in marine mammals. I am responsible for the Danish monitoring of nutritional health in Danish marine mammals. My main focus is science based advisory work on effects of anthropogenic activities on marine mammals, as well as I conduct research in this field. I am an experienced project leader, as well as field biologist and cruise leader at numerous scientific cruises in Denmark, Greenland and other countries.

Latest activities

Piniariarneq. Fangsten i Østgrønland kortlagt af fangere.

Janne Flora (Foredragsholder), Kasper Lambert Johansen (Foredragsholder), Line Anker Kyhn (Foredragsholder) & Anders Mosbech (Foredragsholder)

3 dec. 2019

Porpoise Listening Station – Longterm monitoring of harbour porpoise in relation to noise and artificial reef structure

Jeppe Dalgaard Balle (Foredragsholder), Chris Pierpoint (Andet), James Morris (Andet), Maria Kristina Holst Palner (Andet), Jakob Tougaard (Foredragsholder), Katja Vinding Petersen (Andet), Line Anker Kyhn (Foredragsholder) & Jonas Teilmann (Foredragsholder)

12 dec. 2019

The power of passive acoustic monitoring – a powerful tool for detecting trends in harbour porpoise densities

Signe Sveegaard (Foredragsholder), Anders Galatius (Foredragsholder), Line Anker Kyhn (Foredragsholder), Lonnie Mikkelsen (Foredragsholder), Jacob Nabe-Nielsen (Foredragsholder), Jonas Teilmann (Foredragsholder), Jakob Tougaard (Foredragsholder) & Floris van Beest (Foredragsholder)

10 dec. 2019

Scientific use of stranded animals

Maria Kristina Holst Palner (Foredragsholder) & Line Anker Kyhn (Foredragsholder)

24 maj 2018

Fishermen help scientists reveal far reaching movements of minke whales from coastal North Sea to deep Atlantic habitats

Jonas Teilmann (Foredragsholder), Signe Sveegaard (Andet), Line Anker Kyhn (Andet), Jeppe Dalgaard Balle (Andet) & Rune Dietz (Andet)

6 apr. 201810 apr. 2018